How to Survive: Easy grind / farm items for quests: egg, crocodile trophies

In order not to run around the islands for crocodiles,
and do not waste time on these already meaningless and “useless” quests…


Quests – golden egg and crocodile armor.
I counted, what is the best place, this is about Santa Barbara.
Farm exit point, the overnight ward is the one in the swamps, at the god of the monkeys
(golden monkey statue).

To all… there were already spoiled crocodiles (infected).
And of those three, what's in the swamps, only two were suitable, since the golden monkey,
was already spoiled.
Understanding the essence of the grind, you can choose your place.

Being in place…
1 Checking crocodiles – waiting for all of them to appear (not infected).
2 We go to the save point – “farm exit point”.
3 We keep – where is the night.
4 Let's go hunting – shake alligators.

The essence of the trick… this is to load save, if the item you want is not dropped.
Did not fall out? Loading! You go shoot the crocodile!
By this method, the thing will fall out,- tangibly,- very fast.
I think it's better this way, than run around the spawn points, and wandering around the islands.
I sleep in the wards, in order to bring the time of appearance

SIMPLY!!! “And how I myself did not think of this?!”
But it does not always reach, and not all, you see.
But who has not yet reached, so I wrote THIS.
Speed ​​up. Get rid of that, not necessary to anyone FUCKING PHARMA!!!

P.S.. for convenience, repeated and frequent downloads.
When you boot…
ESC exit the game, we get into “Main menu”.
Press the button “E” in the main menu, (without mouse involvement), until the hero's choice appears.
After press “A” or “D” (movement buttons) to select a hero.
Then press the button “E” until the download starts.

For the quest “Golden egg”, apply on the egg “Red stone”.
Don't waste stones, if you want to complete these and other quests.

From Accent

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