For Honor: How to play as Kensei?

How to play as Kensei? Description of the hero and what he is.


Lore and short description

Kensei is a vanguard-class samurai warrior.

Kensei try to live according to the bushido code, samurai "The Way of the Warrior". They are trained from childhood and are taught several types of martial arts.. They will readily accept death for the Emperor and always protect their brothers in arms - even at the cost of their own lives.. Kensei wear heavy armor and use an elongated version of the katana - nodachi. Armed with such a blade, samurai warrior slices through his enemies with powerful, but, in the same time, graceful blows. In every battle, Kensei hones his technique., constantly striving for excellence. Few can match these warriors in the art of swordsmanship..

Kensei's movements

Kensei movement set 8 combo chains:

Dawn of the Steel Sun – easy, easy, easy.
Spirit of Inevitability – easy, easy, heavy.
Dragon form – easy, heavy, heavy.
Kensei's death – heavy, heavy, heavy.
Rising Sun – heavy, heavy, easy.
Flowing rivers – heavy, easy, easy.
Countertops – heavy, lungs, heavy.
Earth shift – easy, heavy, easy.

Swift swing – heavy attack, sprint-initiated, and then a strong no-hold attack.

Helmet Shard – fast light attack, which can be done, dodging forward and performing a light attack, this attack will lead directly to the end of the combo chain.

Nature's wrath – bright attack, designed to catch enemies, dodging your combos. To be performed with a forward dodge and a heavy attack. Also leads directly to the combo finisher.

Headbutt – fast unblockable strike, designed to open the enemy. Performed using a breakaway during the start of a top heavy.

Exciting strike – traffic, which allows you to quickly break through defenses while dodging forward.

Kensei definitely has a huge set of tools, without a doubt. Now let's take a look at the features, characteristic only of his character:

Upper Heavy Chain Finishers Not Locked.

● Top heavy opening can be replaced with side light, lateral heavy, dodging in any direction or unblockable headbutt.

● Top heavy attack of the middle chain can be replaced with a defensive break, side light, side heavy hitting or dodging in any direction.

● Top heavy can be canceled on side impact finishers, side heavy finishers, breaking through a safety fence or dodging in any direction. Thick side trim panels and side lights run smoothly.

● Kensei's dodges and dodging to the side have the property of an improved block.

● Kensei's attack zone consists of two separate attacks, it can be canceled after the first hit.

Kensei Skills

Kensei's skills are as follows:

1-th level:

● Fast recovery – endurance recovers faster.

● Number of bodies – killing a soldier gives you health and stamina.

● Iron lungs – you can still jump, when you lose stamina.

2-th level:

● Inspiration – allies do more damage, soldiers fight faster.

● Smoke bomb – throw a smoke bomb on the ground.

● Smoke bomb stuns enemies, hides you from enemies, and you cannot be blocked.

● Chilling look – surrounds the target with an aura, which reduces the attack and defense of the enemy.

3-th level:

● Second wind – get yourself some health back.

● Long bow – shoot the enemy with a long bow, to do moderate damage.

● Steadfast – briefly gains immunity to throw attempts.

4-th level:

● Storm Arrow – aerial attack, which deals average damage across multiple areas.

● Banner of Fortitude – place the banner, radiating aura, restoring the health of allies and yourself.

● Non-blocking – your attacks cannot be blocked for a short time.

About battle strategies

Large set of tools and combos, may seem daunting at first, but his playstyle is actually quite simple.

For beginners, I recommend getting used to all the top intricacies of Kensei. This will make your opponent guess., and it will be difficult to predict you in the heat of battle. Don't overuse dodge attacks, many aspiring Kensei players like to dodge attacks at the first sight of danger, which makes them very predictable and easily punishable.

Moreover, don't spam with blows. Many players will just dodge it and punish you, as soon as they see, what are you spamming. If you are in a group fight, handle jab and top heavy cancellation on break in defense – great tools, to reveal the enemy.

When it comes to advanced strategies, in fact it is about creativity with Kensei's toolbox, and creating your own strategy, which works in any situation.

therefore, I cannot recommend one single strategy.

Kensei's execution

Kensei's executions are superb and showcase their grace and lethality.. Many of them are also quite long.. I personally recommend that you buy the aptly named "Quick Kill" execution first., since this is the shortest execution of Kensei, and it usually does not interrupt in game modes 4 on 4. If you want to see all of Kensei's executions, you can always view them in the game.

Kensei's clothes

Kensei has great clothes. It follows the stereotypical archetype of samurai armor, but Kensei also has more unique coat armor sets with unique embroidered designs, which allow the player to prove themselves. Moreover, at higher reputation levels, Kensei unlocks excellent armor sets, inspired by kabuki costumes. Kensei's swords also look great, many sets of swords with a higher reputation have excellent decorative designs.


● You should always look for new ways to combine your punches.

● It is very important to keep your opponents guessing and not repeat the same set of moves.

● Practice Kensei's excellent dodging, as it is a useful protective tool, which you can forget about. Superior forward evasion defensive block can guarantee a thrilling hit.

● "Nature's Wrath" can look cool, but you should only use it to chase fleeing opponents, this is a slow move, and will often be parried.

● Kensei attack zone – great tool, since it is a wide and fast attack. but, spam is not recommended.

● Don't forget to use Kensei's non-stop strikes, as they allow him to exchange blows.

● Kensei's sword has a long range, correct use of distance, may matter in some fights.

● Kensei is surprisingly good in the minority. Its wide strikes and zonal attack are ideal for holding back opponents., until help arrives.

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