Heroines of Swords & Spells: All Green Furies Achievements

Description of obtaining all achievements in the expansion. Spoilers present!


Story achievements

They say, we are byaki beeches
Start Anti-Heroic Scenario.
Obtained automatically when the add-on is launched.

Today is the gobla's holiday
Arrange a party.
At the Chief's House, go to the High Shaman's Room, after he chases the group, approach the goblin at the stove in the same house, he will issue a quest, to find ingredients. Goats and apples are found in two locations on the surface of the mountain., “Ryabinushka” can be stolen from Nalivaika, found in various places or buy from Zhuchara. As soon as you bring everything to the cook, get achievement.

On a crooked track
Complete the Anti-Heroine Scenario.
Obtained automatically upon completion of the add-on plot.

Searching for secrets

Into every crevice
Find a secret location.
In the location “narrow tunnels” pay the goblin by the bridge 4 coins, later find it near the Nalivaiki restaurant near the new bridge and pay again. The third time he is found in the upper right corner of the location. You don't have to pay a third time, you can beat, go over the bridge to a new location, get an achievement and a number of useful things.

Not left for you
Find the "ring of light" item.
At the location behind the mimic door, where do we get on the plot, there is a statue with a crystal ball. Take the ball out of the statue, get rid of the warrior of light (if you don't want to fight, tell “Kindness, Vera, mind”), then take the ball to the cave at North Peak where the Bat boss lives, there interact with the statue in the center. A chest with a Ring of Light will appear.

Cumulative achievements

It crumbles in your hands
Break the pickaxe 10 time.
On the citrine deposit, the pickaxe breaks in about 50% cases, what may not be enough to achieve. Look for and buy pickaxes and hit them without a strength buff on granite boulders (see below). If Grunya breaks a lump together with a pickaxe, there won't be enough lumps, you can break picks against the story wall in the location with the evil eye, but this must be done before Gmyrmork issues the third task.

Scheduled lunch
Boil 40 pieces of meat in the shared kitchen.
It's simple: stuff meat from rats or other monsters, cook 40 pieces in the kitchen (not necessarily all 40 pieces at once).

Who's the cheat here??
Win against the gambler 5 coins.
In the shared kitchen, the goblin offers to play cards with him.. Must be won five times contract, which is almost impossible to do while he is using “imboy”. Buy a special deck of cards from him, open it and go during the game “imboy”. After a fight with four goblins, when the games will be fair, save / load after every victory / defeat, until you have a streak of five wins.

Pension reform
Present to goblin grandma 30 coins.
Give Granny Grunya 30 coins (optional at a time).

Other achievements

Don't trade in temples!
Enter the goblin shrine, without paying the shamans.
Don't pay the shaman at the sanctuary 10 coins, and complete the quest to lure the supreme shaman out of his room (see above about the party). After entering the shrine through the High Shaman's room, get achievement.

Payment for non-work
Get a reward for a failed mission.
There is a goblin in narrow tunnels near the Nalivaiki., asking to erase his name from the debtor board. Walk through the scorpion cave next door, break in or kick down the door, then catch the eye of Nalivaika, before you erase the labels, she will drive the group and the task will be considered as failed. Then go to the quest giver and get an achievement. Important: if you have stocked Nalyvaiki “Ryabinushki” and caught her eye, she will take the bottles back and the second time she will not be able to steal them, so you can take them for a revel first (cm. above) and only after that fail the task. Well, or load after receiving the achievement))

Tricky, but very strong
Break a granite block.
To find the desired location, you need to enter the lower left passage from the starting location, and there, too, in the lower left corner, go behind bars. Lumps meet on the way of testing “Cunning, but strong”. Requires a pickaxe in inventory. You feed the Gruna three servings of boiled meat., after which she can break blocks while the buff is active.

Goblin Slayers
Defeat ALL bosses in the Anti-Heroine Scenario, without switching to scene mode.
You need to never switch to story mode throughout the expansion to defeat all the bosses encountered, that is, a scorpion, cyclopolis, bat, warrior of the world, statue of Laverne, goblin, and also attack the Scout, instead of running past him for equipment. Laverne statue is found near the end of the story, how to meet the warrior of light is described in the achievement “Not left for you”, the rest of the bosses are marked on the Brainstorm card. You can fight the Scout only after setting a trap or sleeping potion, or both at once.

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