The Little Red Lie 100% Achievements (RUS)

After the start of the game, we run to the right side until we find a bird, we pick it up and give it to the cat. We pass through the portal and immediately go to the left, pick up scissors. We continue to run to the left until the bloody tree, where we pick up the rope and rice. After the tree, we continue to go to the left until we find a bucket., after that we run to the right side until we find a house. We go into the house and pick up a lantern on the right side of the house, after we leave the house, we select tools for breaking between the house and the well, go back inside and break the lock on the cabinet.

Hacking sequence:
Left, Right, Lower
Left, Right, Lower, Lower, Right, Left
Left, Right, Lower, Lower, Right, Left, Right, Left, Lower

We take the bottle, go to the well and fill it. Then we run to the right to the cave, pick up saffron on the way, go inside, go to the end and take the pork head.

We return to the house and use the meat grinder.

We now have all the ingredients for the potion.. You need to cook it in the boiler on the right side of the house..

Potion proportions.

After we brew the potion, we run to the cave, watch the animation of the wolf and follow it, as soon as we reach the edge of the cave at the top of the screen, a red noise bar begins to fill, so that it does not fill up and the wolf does not kill us, we need to move while sitting. We approach the wolf, cut off a piece of wool and leave the cave.

Now the cut scene starts and we need to make a choice.
Don’t Trust Your Elders (good ending)
You need to go with the cat to the portal

Dead Meat(bad ending)
Break the altar and free the wolf

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