Help for fixing crashed mods. Short and fast.
You enter the game, turn on mods and you are met by vanilla? The problem appeared after updating the Paradox Interectiv launcher, he got better over time, but problems cannot be avoided. This problem can be solved, I sat over her for hours 10, there is no information on the internet!


Reasons for mod breakage
Breakdown reasons:
1)The launcher itself is still pretty raw, used to be better, and can do different things.

2)You played HOI4 with 2 family sharing accounts.

3)Mods are outdated and do not support the current version of the game.

4)Something broke, this includes other reasons, previously unknown.

Breakdown solution
There are several ways to solve this problem.. The very first helped me, which I will tell you about, if it doesn't help, try the rest.

1)Unsubscribe from all modifications of steam workshop for hoi4. (Community -> Workshop -> Your files -> Subscriptions -> CHOOSE HOI4 NEAR FILTERS -> Unsubscribe from everything.)
After that download a trial of any working mod, load it in the launcher into the new playset, and should earn.
Do not log into HOI4 anymore on other accounts from the same pc, this leads to repeated breakage. Play on one account.

If it didn't help you, then god and google help. There are a couple more options, but they are unlikely to work.

2)Check, are the mods suitable for the current version of the game (wait for comments under fashion, they can write there, that the mod is not working). If you know, what version of the mod works on, install it via demo content. Not all versions are there and not all work even like this.

3)You've probably done this before, but if not, then check the integrity of the game files.

4)Delete the game and load to a different drive. If you have one disk, then to another folder, create it in advance.

Hopefully, helped you. I am thankful, that you read my manual, appreciate))

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