NARAKA BLADEPOINT Playtest: Naraka Russian only

The expectation was more or less met
Battle Royale, Nothing new, in other words Battle Royale, i could guess, that the game was made for the game
Fortnite. This game is almost identical to Fortnite, Same choice of characters, various weapons, as well as the hook, that I was surprised enough, and everyone has this hook, which makes the game even more interesting,

Is it worth playing Naraka?

I think so, the game is worthy of good attention, I like, even though I didn't spend very much time playing, but I like the gameplay itself, there is not a lot of parkour, the combat system is developed and the physics is not bad. When will the game be in the public domain?, it will most likely be paid.

And now the characteristics for my opinion

☐ It will replace your life
☐ Interesting
☐ Not boring
☐ Better go to sleep
☐ Plot?

☐ Reality looks worse
☐ Juicy
✓ Good
☐ Acceptable
☐ Bad
☐ There is something?
☐ Dangerous for the eyes

☐ This can be done forever
☐ Just gameplay
☐ Well this
☐ Better to just sit still
☐ Looks like the developed ones have been forgotten, what did you do the game

☐ Ecstasy
✓Very good
☐ Good
☐ Will do
☐ Your voice sounds better
☐ Play without sound

✓ Intensively
☐ Moderately
☐ Calm down
☐ You can even fall asleep
☐ Maybe she just froze?

☐ Sell your soul to Satan
✓ It's going to be a hard road
☐ Just learn / it's hard to become a master
☐ Medium
☐ Sometimes you will need to play with two hands
☐ Press “X” to win

—{The audience}—
☐ Newborns
☐ Children
✓ Adults
☐ People
☐ Definitely NOT people

—{PC Requirements}—
☐ Wait for the quantum computer
☐ Powerful
✓ Normal
☐ The first computer will go
☐ Calculator will do
☐ It will start, even if you just plug in the electricity

☐ You can't do it in one life
✓ Excess grind
☐ Sometimes you get bored
☐ It's just gameplay
☐ Only if you want to be a showcase
☐ There is nothing to pump

—{Game time}—
✓ Infinity is not the limit!
☐ Quite long
☐ Medium
☐ Short
☐ You won't have time to blink

✓ Not yet released
☐ You have nowhere to put your money?
☐ Not worth spending
☐ You can wait for the discount (I would even say it is necessary)
☐ Price meets expectations
✓ Free

✓ May be annoying
☐ Sometimes come across
☐ Have you seen them?
☐ There is simply nothing to bug

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