Company of Heroes 2: Issues with publishing bezels (faceplates)

Solving problems associated with displaying a preview of your front panel project (faceplate).


Issues with publishing bezels (faceplates)
1. How to add a preview picture in a workshop:
1.1 You need to download the 32-bit version of the game and re-publish your mod there.
(Library stim – RMB for the game – properties – beta versions – legacy_32bit)

2. When publishing, there is no preview in the workshop (when on. beta versions):
2.1. Re-save used pictures “faceplate” (png); .tga file;
2.2. In Mod Builder, remove the .tga file and add it again instead of the deleted one.
2.3. Rebuild (rebuild) in the Mod Builder project.
2.4. Re-publish the project.
(Pictures were not edited, only re-saved)

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