Slime Rancher: All detailed about ALL types proudly

Hello everyone!
I decided to start writing guides about various GORDOs in the game slime rancher.
In this guide, I will proudly post photos,their location,favorite food.


What is proud?
Proudly is a different kind of large,immobilized slimes.
“What are they capable of?” – you ask
They are only capable of grabbing certain types of food for example:(Fruits).But there are also those who proudly accept only certain foods., golden proudly,there is only golden ginger.
Of course, there is a side-by-side portion of proudly. In the end, the proud literally breaks up and disappears. In its place, only a slime key or a teleport will remain.,8-10 small slimes of the same type that you proudly fed well and lastly 2-3 boxes that you can break and take from there some gold coins and some kind of food and plant it on your plantations.

All kinds of proudly.
In fact, they are proudly divided into 2 type.
Those that are in their natural environment:
-Pink proudly
-Striped proudly
-Phosphoric proudly
-Crystal proudly
-I work proudly
-Honey proudly
-Hunters proudly
-Rocky proudly
-Boom proudly
-Quantum proudly
-Bindweed proudly
-Mosaic proudly
-Dervish proud
That's all. Thank God the second group is not large,namely, there is only one proudly.
-Golden proudly
There is one last kind of proudly. – proudly party-goer, I don’t know which group he belongs to,because he only appears on Friday,in random places.
This post comes to an end,if you liked,leave a comment,so I will understand that it is worth continuing this guide:)
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