ELEX: Fast start

What is the best way to start, to get bonuses already at the initial stage of the game, but it is not exactly.



A guide primarily for those, who wants to beat the game with increased difficulty, including ultra.
A task, get the equipment you need first.
Upgrade the necessary initial skills.
Well, then play for your own pleasure., completing almost all the initial quests in all camps before joining any faction.

On feet:
Hunting Pants
Goliet in the chest behind the hut.

On the body:
Hunter armor or Worker Armor
Hunter – in the hunter's house in the chest, and a toiler in a chest in a ruined building.

On the head:
Practical sunglasses shows objects around
At the very top of the windmill.

On hands:
Development ring +5 to strength and agility
On a fallen structure next to a skeleton.

And here on the neck a lot:
Traveler's amulet +1 to cracking chests at the very beginning
At the very beginning, after the fight with the rat, it will not go to the house, and left up.

Thief's amulet pickpocketing
In a chest in a tower on a table next to the domed city.

Survival amulet +2 to survival
South maps, near the island, on the stones of a small peninsula.

Explorer's amulet picking locks and a bookworm – not required, if there is an amulet of a traveler and a scientist.
In the chest next to the watchtower.

Mechanic's amulet +2 to charisma and craft, only buy from Siegfried 1500 shards
Siegfried sells in the maintenance building.

Soldier amulet +2 to battle
In one of the castle towers southeast of Goliet, there is no poison next to the amulet.

Contractor's amulet practitioner
South of the domed city in one of the berserker camps.

Scholar's amulet +2 craft and bookworm
In the chest of a farming settlement just south of the domed city.

Leveling up
so, equipment collected, now what to pump first. I will not bring anything new, a bunch of guides are on the Internet, some advise to download directly to 50 intelligence, but alas, even to 15 level with such a pumping, you can not kill anyone at high difficulty levels, and the bonus from such a pumping is insignificant.
First, let's analyze the formula for damage to enemies., she is very simple.
Weapon damage – enemy armor = Real damage dealt.
Your stick 20 damage – enemy armor 18 = 2 damage per hit.
Therefore, all that affects our damage and armor is only better equipment., weapons and armor, but har-ki just for that, to wear this outfit. There are also skills, which increase the damage.
So, starting target, this is the ability to open dialogs, which require appropriate skills, for additional experience, some items or avoidance of combat(for anyone will endure you) – successful completion of quests.
We go through the game immediately choosing the right side(kind, balance, evil), for a little coldness, we still need. And save / load will help you in this matter, just like for choosing the right amulet (The battle, Survival, Crafts, Personality / Charisma), to open dialogs.

Har-ki we swing as needed abilities.

Attribute points:
The battle (With amulet +3)
Melee weapon (Strength 25, Agility 15)
Survival (With amulet +7)
Armor (Strength 15, Persistence 25)
Hunter's Trophies 2skills (Agility 30, Intelligence 35)
Good health (Persistence 30)
Endurance (Persistence 30)
Craft (With amulet +5)
Picking locks (Agility 35, Intelligence 30)
Breaking into computers (Cunning 15, Intelligence 15)
Chemistry (Agility 15, Intelligence 25)
Personality / Charisma (With amulet +4/+5)
Attribute points (Cunning 25, Intelligence 15)
Group (Cunning 20, Intelligence 30)
Characteristics (Intelligence 50)

As a result, we download the required minimum:
Strength 25
Agility 35
Persistence 30
Intelligence 35

strength and dexterity can be slightly higher, if you want to wear better weapons or armor(but even with these weapons the only enemies in solo are megacats and biters, which with 3 blows will blow you away), tenacity 30 makes it possible to wear a shield. But even with a companion it will be problematic to endure jackals, I would even say impracticable. Therefore, further with Duras only to Krovolap, Scavenger and Rogopes. For the sake of tasks, you can lure opponents to friendly posts, eg, 5 rats in the village for a pass to the domed city.

Next Intellect to 50 for skill Characteristics to 12-13 level.
Here you can take a break and swing in the increase in power., because normal trophies are still not available to you anyway, and quests for battles with the NPC have long been awaiting.
We swing strength and dexterity to 38 with ring up 43 for a one-handed magic sword, which is great at first, located in the basement, where Krall and his brother took refuge.
And Intellect 55, Agility 45 for skill Trophies 3skills

You can take in any order, depending on the requirements in the dialogues, which you are stuck on, for amulets are only enough for +2. We close quests in 99% case with “Contractor's amulet”, but we read books with “Explorer's amulet”, get more experience without spending learning points for these skills.

After 12-15 level, begins your game, pumping into any class and s any weapon. We create chemistry electric drink raw elex(buy from merchants), which gives us +2 to the characteristics(-0.1 cold) or +1 skill point(-0.2 cold).
So we run to Doc in Fort, buy endless raw eleksit and craft the required amount of drink on its table, we have one limit here, This is money, and most of the money we get from trophies, theft, that is why it is necessary to download these skills from the start. The whole city is easily carried out during the night while everyone is asleep..
The Dome City is best left for later., there is a script running, which depends on the choice of the side of the conflict(leave them for later), through 3-5 game days it will start and someone there will unfortunately die, and with them some quests are possible.

Protection from the elements will not hurt either.
Protective mask (+2 armor, 25 poison and radiation) Total 250 eleks at the merchants in the fort, best after the albs helmet(+8 protection).
Ring of resistances protection from all 4 elements of 20, jewelry and recipe – at the Armor or Caldrim in Goliet.
+ stim for antidote and it will be possible to walk in dangerous places with good protection.

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