The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: Final bosses

in this guide i will tell you all about unlocking the boss fight


1. On a new level Alt (water level, demanding 1 key)
в Downpour 2 we need to find a white fire, touch him, and we will become a character, who looks like Lost,
Then we need to find a glass door, enter it, find the treasure and take 1 a piece of knife (you can also take an additional item in the boss fight)
2. In the mines 2 (new lava floor requires 2 bombs)
We need to press all the yellow buttons and enter a large room with a cart., enter it, and we will discover a new place, where you cannot use any items (no items, only your health)
then you need to take part of the knife 2 and run away from mom's spirit (you can easily dodge her, waiting for, while she attacks you)

3.Then you need to defeat Mama in the mausoleum and shoot the blood door with a knife.. You will fight with Mom's Heart, which has new attacks. After that, as you jump to the next floor called Corpse, and it's all, that you will defeat the new boss, Mother and … (Learn Attacks Before Fight)

Dogma / Beast
1. You need to beat mom (A new version)
2. You need to find a skull with a cross in the Necropolis /
Depth / Raw Depth, and then blow it up, he will discard the Fool card
3. Kill mom, grab a Polaroid and teleport with him.
4. There will be a door, and we need to insert the polaroid into
5.Then we teleport to the Mausoleum / Gehenna.
we need to fight the boss (do not forget to take the item from the treasury)
6. Complete all floors again (do not worry, there 4-6 rooms)
(6.5 Take the Red Key from Mom's Chest (first visit) And use it in the hallway to mom's room and unlock the spoiled character (If you've already seen the red key, you can get it, throwing the trinket into the treasury in front of the father's note)

7. we need to sleep on the bed and go to the TV room.
and we will have a boss fight with 8 stages
Dogma / Angel Dogma
4 rider / harbinger

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