Forza Horizon 4: One-button clutch gear shifting

A small guide on how, how to hang manual transmission and clutch use on one button. This will not eliminate the need to manually use the clutch when driving uphill on some cars / in drift / quick reset modes from high gears to low gears at high speeds for better brake performance., but it will deprive hemorrhoids with clutch squeezing during normal driving in online races / rives and so on, and will also allow you to squeeze the maximum out of powerful cars such as muscle cars and any mutants with swap engines, that it is simply impossible without a manual gearbox with clutch


What / how / where
We do not go into details of how to connect, synchronize, make friends, and so on, our pads with steam, it yourself. One-button CP + clutch method via grandpa Gabe's utility tested via 4 dualshok / 360 original from boxing / siries trash can ( identical to the van ) from boxing, in the same place you can change any binds to any buttons, change your touchpad assignments to new actions, remove deadzones from the ends on bumpers / triggers in excess of the in-game sliders, which is useful for a clear gas brake and so on. Getting to the bottom of the one-button clutch. For a visual example, I will use my settings., and then change to those that suit you:

  1. First, check and change the transmission bindings you need. +- and clutch, if you have never used and are only going to, either did not use the clutch. There can be no in the management of a forza “gaps” on some functions, so you need to bind everything that is required in turn, any mandatory like Anna's trash can go to hell, for example, pressing the sticks
  2. Choosing a forza in the list of games, in the column with options, select the controller settings
  3. Selecting the column with the required binds, where is your gear change
  4. BUT) Beforehand, be sure to fix the simultaneous pressing function in the on position.
    B) Choose a bind on which the clutch hangs for the gear change, in my case, this is the left bumper. If you did everything right – the clutch bind will be repainted in the same (green) color with selected gear key, and in the previous menu, instead of the default gamepad key, the multitasking icon will be displayed. Repeat the same for another gear and keys. Also, in the forze itself, in the difficulty settings, you must set the gearbox slider to the position “manual with clutch”
From Akuma

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  1. Fuck, why then this guide, the point is to engage the clutch and change gear, if it is difficult in mechanics, choose just a gearbox without a clutch. I thought they would write here how to convert from a digital clutch to an analog one like in life

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