NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139: Replacing Xbox icons on Playstation

I think it will be useful to everyone, who plays with dualshok and wants to see familiar and nice looking circles and crosses, not godless A and B


What to do then?
And everything is quite simple. Go on this link [], download the modification itself, put the ReplacementTextures folder into the game folder.

Then from here [] download the archive called, find the x64 folder in it and transfer its contents to the folder with the replicant.

Then open the d3dx.ini file with a text editor, find the line there “hunting=1” and change its value to 0. And then add text to the very bottom., written in Add Lines.txt file, which is located in the folder with the downloaded mod. Do not repeat my mistake and do not indent before adding text. As a result, the bottom of the file should look something like this:

Well that's it
You will now have beautiful dualshock buttons displayed in your game

From Pacan

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