Terraria: How to quickly complete all the fisherman's quests

In this guide, you will learn how to quickly complete all the fisherman's quests without spending a lot of time on it..


Hello friend in this guide you will learn how to quickly complete the quests of the fisherman without much effort.

What you need to complete the quests?
First, we create a character and a world in Journey mode(journey). This is very important t. to. the character in adventure mode has a lot of cool buns. Then you just stupidly need to go through the game, but if you want you can not go through, just keep in mind that you can say for now to fast movement in the form of a flying saucer or wings. When we have finished the game, we go find the fisherman and populate him somewhere.( here it makes no difference, because he will give you quests anyway).

Everyone's favorite fishing.
Then you just need to take quests and go fishing BUT huge BUT you do not go to hand it over to the fisherman but shove it into a backup( or what is this shnyaga called) which the Persian has in adventure mode. Fishing for quest fish, pee in the doubler , catch the quest fish again, shove it back into the stunt double, take the quest fish from the section “other” in a special inventory and give it to the fisherman. Then you switch the time from day to night and back to day. Everything, this is the fastest and most legal way to complete all the fisherman's quests. You will not need any other program except the terraria itself.
Fish by the way in the game about 40 pieces( the screen contains all the fish that the fisherman asked me)

Not all fish may be here.
And one more thing, if you want to complete these achievements even faster, then call one of your friends to switch day and night( well, you two will go through the game faster).
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