Total War WARHAMMER II: Chaos Warriors faction guide

Despite a fairly wide range of villains “Warhammer”, The palm is firmly held by LLC “CHAOS”. They rule this organization right away 4 director. Khorne is in charge of the war, Nurgle for acne and disease, Tzeentch Runs Magic and Dirty Secrets, and Slaanesh, heh, for BDSM and other perversions. Each of this cute company has its own army under its command. – these are all sorts of demons, and beastmen, and people, and a bunch of other humanoid guys. They usually act separately., but periodically collected in a bunch. However, Chaos motto “And so it will do”, therefore the main thing, to act.


Lyrical digression
Despite a fairly wide range of villains “Warhammer”, The palm is firmly held by LLC “CHAOS”. They rule this organization right away 4 director. Khorne is in charge of the war, Nurgle for acne and disease, Tzeentch Runs Magic and Dirty Secrets, and Slaanesh, heh, for BDSM and other perversions. Each of this cute company has its own army under its command. – these are all sorts of demons, and beastmen, and people, and a bunch of other humanoid guys. They usually act separately., but periodically collected in a bunch. However, Chaos motto “And so it will do”, therefore the main thing, to act.
Basically, all this rabble is strategically clustered in the very north of the world.. Extremely convenient location, do you know. Firstly, constant natural selection, Secondly, excellent ideological swap. But when the order comes from above, hordes gather and go to see the peaceful meadows. Generally, until then, all expeditions regularly received paws, but the price of this action is very, very high.
But what's interesting, evil races so abundantly breeding in this world are in no hurry to swear allegiance to Chaos. For the most part employees of the company – people. Of course, the cult of Slaanesh is also among the dark elves, some undead do not mind holding the banner of Chaos, and rats, well, if you think about it, fruit of chaos experiments…. but still, they rarely play side by side. However, it all depends on the executive director, intruder. At the moment it is Archaon, best employee of the century. This candidate is not just from the people, but he received ALL certificates from ALL 4 gods of Chaos. In a word, his word – the law for almost any chaos. And the All-Chosen One very shamelessly uses this factor., throwing war to almost the whole world.
Well then, wear foil hats – it's time to look north!

Features of the faction
Chaos Troops are among the strongest in their class, contrary to expectations, uncharacteristic. Seriously!!!
Before us is the most common Horde, but without any chips. The lord is also a mobile settlement, in which the troops carry their tents behind them. Every Lord – it is a separate horde. And each Horde is created separately! Actually, it's all…
Maximum, what we can – it either burn the settlements, or burn the settlements. More precisely, or burn with robbery, or with the growth of the horde. It's easier to gain height in the beginning., later – money. No diplomacy, no unique events. There is only war! However, this process gets bored very quickly.. On the other hand, this allows the armies of Chaos to focus as much as possible on war and maneuvers. No need to defend your settlements, no need for public order. Strategic travel planning only. One has only to mention, what if we put two hordes side by side, all the robbers inside them begin to suffer non-combat losses. Stupid. However, all normal troops do not have this, ahem, features.
The skill tree is also one of the most boring in the game.. It is imprisoned only for robbery, and the strengthening of already strong units. Sorry, nothing else to write about!

Legendary Lords
ARCHAON FOREVER CHOSEN. The main villain of all Warhammer. Epic Black Overlord, owner of clear tsatzok and third eye on jo…But no, his eye from Tzeentch. VERY strong, enduring, and a strong hero, one of the best in the game. In addition, he knows a couple of good spells of the school of fire., which he does not hesitate to use. Riding pony available, rather useless.

PRINCE SIGWALD THE GREAT. But this guy definitely has an eye.. Slaaneshism he is, do you know. Wearer of stylish armor, bare rolls and the only sword in the game. Armored tenacious hero with powerful attack. He has no magic and transport. However, Slaanesh's chosen one saddles everyone, who is in the line of fire.

FAVORITE SUNSEE. Real sleeping beauty. If you wake up, punishes everyone within the radius of a pair of continents. A whole mountain of health, which hits and hurls enemy infantry like skittles. Jumps that a real horse, easily catching up with most of the enemy units. However, a couple of detachments with halberds may well break off his horns.. Archers are also happy to shoot at such a large target.. And he does not own magic either.

LORD OF CHAOS. Successful stereotypical deputy director of Chaos LLC. Strong, strong, живуч. Dissects on natural “Porsche” – the whole dragon of chaos, which also enhances the already good performance.

SUPREME WITCH OF CHAOS. Successful too ™ Pretty good lord, owning as many as 4 schools of magic to choose from. Naturally, only attacking. In close combat, it can pull out a natural rideable dragon, due to what, actually, and not bad.

SUBMITTED HERO. Chaos blockbuster, knowing only how and where to beat. Generally, very strong front line fighter, can dance a little. Taught mantikoru, however, it loses a lot in efficiency.

THE WIZARD OF CHAOS. Mage-dropout, successfully pumped strength instead of intelligence. 4 fighting schools of magic and riding makticore are a good combination. And there won't be others.

THE PLAYERS OF CHAOS. Thick Hide Ax Warriors, escaped from the allied Norsca. Unremarkable infantry meat, even though the version with heavy axes is good at penetrating armor.

FUTURE WARRIORS. A little more than humans, a little less than demons. Surprisingly low health levels significantly reduce their combat utility.. However, one such unit is quite good at raising the morale of the allies.. How do they do it – don't ask!

Rejected. Обожравшиеся скверны воители. Combat pedicure inflict huge non-armor-piercing damage, and thanks to the horns they have a very large onslaught. Extremely effective at the beginning of a game, because in the rear of the enemy they are doing trademark lawlessness.

WARRIORS OF CHAOS. Armored to the ears, representatives of the punitive unit of OOO Chaos. Very high combat characteristics are compensated for by a truly snail's speed. Have you tried to wear such armor? Choose a weapon to taste. Axes against infantry, halberds against large opponents.

SELECTED CHAOS. Natural Guyvers,only slightly fused with armor. Feed on hate and never sleep. Best infantry in the game, no minuses at all. Yes, even despite the reduced number of soldiers in the squad. The ax version simply destroys any infantry. Halberds also make cute plush toys out of scary dinosaurs. About shields on 66% generally keep quiet from arrows.

THE CHARTER OF CHAOS. What will happen, if ordinary men climb on a dashing team? Right, nothing good. High speed does not compensate for the lack of armor-piercing, and the low mass does not allow to bite into the enemy ranks.

CARRIAGE WITH THE FEBRUARY. The most desperate of men, may not just catch a rhino, but also attach a harness to it. Alas, huge armor-piercing damage cannot outweigh the low speed of the beast. However, due to the huge mass it breaks through even the densest rows of onlookers.

Mounted Robbers. Another Norscan refugee, only saddled unfortunate horsemen. Unremarkable cavalry, differing from ordinary robbers only in speed.

RIDER RIDERS. Improved version of horse robbers. Relevant most of the game, for skillfully pulling enemy ranks into convenient groups.

KNIGHTS OF CHAOS. Excellent assault cavalry, which can confidently defeat not only the infantry, but also stray horsemen. Alas, the rider's armor level reduces the horse's speed so much, that you will not see lightning charges.

KNIGHTS OF CHAOS WITH PEAKS. And there is something generally wrong with the prefix “Chaos”? Similar cavalry unit, but with increased speed and high pressure. The kind of fiery horses in addition to being tough, instills fear into the hearts of enemies.

PSY CHAOS. Who doesn't like doggies? Cute slobbering fragile dogs. High speed allows you to catch up and devour any archers. The acidic saliva version has a poison effect.

TROLLS OF CHAOS. Fatty, and literally, trolls. They differ from ordinary trolls in stylish tattoos.. Despite good health and heavy damage, highly vulnerable to damage. The armored version is not only better, but also maintains speed. How do they do it – unclear.

THE SPIRIT OF CHAOS. The same “And the animal is unknown” Pushkin. The obscure creature deals massive non-armor-piercing damage and can generally be used successfully. In addition, the built-in invincibility allows them to stand to the end, which in turn, will help out more than once in a protracted battle.

WILD MANTIKOR. Flying half of a lion, equipped with a riot. VERY effective at taking out enemy infantry. It is especially pleasant to grump with juicy rats.. In a word, the main thing is to fly, and there this beauty will not disappoint.

THE GIANT OF CHAOS. My God, yes, you already hire a name specialist! Big and angry guy with a club. Despite the stylish tattoos, very disciplined. Spectacularly sends those who wish to fly on what and ends his role on the battlefield.

ДРАКООГРЫ. Ogre and Dragon Love Fruit. Yes, under a droplet of chaos in warhammer and not so possible. Monstrous infantry with the role of cavalry. Very high defense coupled with increased damage on large hints at this.

DRAKOOGR-SHOGGOT. North Rocking Steroid Runaway Superior Duelist, easily beating up crowds of infantry on occasion. Easily breaks enemy formation if desired. Thick scales also provide good protection against enemy archers.

CANNONS OF CHAOS. And they control this gun, you will not believe, GNOME OF CHAOS! CHAOS, YES! MORE CHAOS! Coolest cannon before old lady Bessie comes out. Homing cartridges are extremely effective against any units, coupled with the range make this toy desirable in any army. Hitting this thing also lowers morale..

Reliable, how the swiss watch stack. The chosen ones give out to everyone (not)those who wish, while the riders humiliate the archers. Manticore can be thrown at artillery, but you can swoop in from the rear. The guns here are absolutely universal and aim at anyone depending on the tactical situation..


Lovely composition, even though it's a little more difficult to manage. The main damage here is built from tearing up the ranks with chariots, into which the shots of cannons fly. Siegwald himself is good at chopping in the center of the batch, and magicians throw all kinds of fire whirlwinds at him.


Composition, designed for a quick onslaught into enemy ranks. Kholek with the Chosen draws as many enemies into battle as possible, At this time, the dragonogras are crushing the unprotected rear. Shoggoths catch large opponents and other Tyrions. The guns hit the arrows, normally. note, very difficult to use against rats and wood elves due to the lack of shields.

Sfaturi inutile in quantity 5
1. Best Starter Lord – Sigwald, thanks to the growth of the horde and extremely fast entry into free robbers.
2. Lunging Strike – the main weapon of Chaos in a war with a huge number of enemy armies.
3. Squeeze the active ability of the Chaos cannon almost at the moment of contact of the projectile with the enemy carcass. And remember, that during a siege, Chaos cannons are extremely ineffective in destroying fortifications and towers.
4. Always keep a spare army in the far North with a couple of units. This will allow you not to lose if the main stacks are defeated..
5. Decide right away, whom to make your vassal – orcs or undead. Green wave would be the best option, because. vampires are extremely bad at their filth. Awakened Tribes of Norsca – worst case, after all, there are only weak troops and the inability to fully colonize the occupied lands.

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