Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Farm “Spiritual light”

The farm was up to date at the time of writing
288ds / min
You need a macro or you need to constantly click the mouse



It takes skill “long spirit” (although if you are thinking about farming souls, then you will have a bow)

Crystals are in place of cursors (maybe I looked at errors from the site because I collected everything for a long time and I don't remember where which ones, so I can confuse or show the left in general)

Collecting power
Collecting power (essentially a collection of spiritual energy but the translation is naughty)
Bought from Twillene

An additional crystal to smithereens without it, the bow can get into the eye and you will either fall or fall into a loop when the tongue goes out and runs in

Place farm, goal and automation

Farm takes place on location “Kvolok Gorge”
In place of Ori's head

The target will be an exploding slime on the ceiling, or a nasty creature
We get into position and prepare to shoot every 3 seconds or..

Downloading a macro or autoclicker, or go to your downloaded for a long time
And we make this setting (I will show with my example G Hub)

We get up everything in the same position, but we turn on the macro for autorepeat and we all go to sleep
And when you wake up you will see that you have saved up a little

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