World of tanks: Improved hardening (equipment with hidden capabilities in WoT)

Hardening – this is, perhaps, the best equipment is now in the game and I do not even hesitate, installed it on absolutely ALL strands in the hangar, when I tested its capabilities. Besides, what does it give HP to the tank, it has a huge number of advantages and even hidden capabilities, which many do not even know about…


Improved hardening. What are the features?

The most basic, of course, a plus 10% to the tank's HP. And this is in our game, where they often survive even with one HP, oh how important) Only this item already gives great value to the equipment.!

Undercarriage strength

Further bonus +65% to the strength of the chassis. I.e, caterpillars will be stronger. Each module in the game has its own HP: for example, in AMH 50 100 track strength 240 and shoot them down with the first shot, and after installing the module, the strength increased already to 396 and now they started shooting down only from the second, third.

Repair speed

Further, the equipment gives +20% to the speed of repair. Have conducted tests, without it, the tank is repaired for 5 seconds, but with equipment 4,1. Gorgeous result!

Carrying capacity

Improves this parameter by +10%. It is necessary, if you do not want to pump the tracks to the tank, and without them, you cannot install a tower or a weapon (due to lack of lifting capacity). Then we just install this equipment and the problem will disappear., and we will save experience!

So take note, caterpillars do not need to swing)

From 8bit

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