Sea Dogs To Each His Own: Loot Goblin Guide, we take out all the treasures from Thyasal

Describing a legal but very tedious way to get all the treasures out of Thyasal.


Preparation and conditions.
Condition one: we go to Tyasal only through the bay of doom.
1) We need porters – officers, we recruit their overlimit due to such a stratum – We hire to the maximum and put on boats in the port authority(PU) each city, as soon as all launchers are filled to capacity with longboats with officers, begin, pre-hiring a maximum of officers, pick up launches and sell them returning officers to the team.
2) It is advisable to empty the porters' inventory, have amulets – A monkey(as much as you can save) for gg and officers as well as a talisman – Gunther for gg.
3)Have patience)

The process of taking out treasures
After destroying the Kukulcan mask:
1) with the help of the GG, we transfer to the maximum of things to the first location in front of the tyasal, there we immediately overload the assigned boardingmen with everything that we took out (repeat while all officers – porters will fill the inventory)
2) looking for a cave with a chest in the jungle without going ashore
3) we wait until the beginning of the next day so that before updating the cave location we have 24 game hours(we wait once)
4) we load everything that was taken from the porters into the chest
Repeat all steps except “3)” until all the values ​​of the Itza Indians are transferred to the cave chest.
After that, it remains only to go ashore, choose: “Stay in the Caribbean” and transfer everything to the ship, if everything is done quickly, then it is quite possible to have time for 24 game hours.
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