Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo: Stop Time

How to freeze time in the game?


Downloading the trainer

Download this trainer from the link of the Yandex disk (yes, I uploaded it to a Yandex disk because, that on the playground he was marked “under consideration”)
( https ://disk. yandex. ru/d/eMHlmqRt7BD1fQ)


After unpacking the archive and launching the game, after which we launch the trainer itself (файл Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo Plus 6 Trainer, the second text file with instructions and descriptions of all control commands in Chinese)

Instructions for trainer functions:
on one 0 – Trial Time Lock (What we needed and had) click on the numpad 0 and that's it.
on one 1 – Immortality
on one 2 – Endless ammo
on one 3 – The weapon shoots without reloading
on one 4 – Change money (you can set the quantity manually)
on one 5 – Set game speed

From ★JP

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