Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo: FULL PASSAGE

Want to become a speedrunner? Passed demo for you, and chose the main thing for fast passage.
P.S. Cutscenes you can skip, do not be shy.




Short text walkthrough

  • At the beginning, we run straight past the statue on the left there will be a gate, we go into the small church and find the first insert with the virgin into the sealed door.
  • We leave through another door and run across the field to a large gate with a house on the right.
  • We try to open the gate and then go into this house.
  • After we climb out the window and climb over the wall.
  • Opening the big gate, let father and daughter in and knock on the door of the house.
  • After the cutscene, go to the back room from the garage and take the car key from the kitchen table, inspect and get a screwdriver.
  • We get into the car and then after the accident we go up to the attic and climb out the window.
  • Open the closed altar with a response and take the second insert with the demon.
  • We run back across the field, through the church and exit to the right to the door with inserts.
  • Insert each and rotate to match the shapes.
  • Final.


  • We leave into the next room, open the fireplace and crawl through it.
  • We leave into the room with the statue, we take a ring with an eye from her and we pass into the opened passage behind her.
  • We leave into the large hall and immediately to the left up the stairs, keep to the right and go out to the door without an eye.
  • We examine the previously taken ring and take out the eye, insert into the statue and open the door.
  • We run along the opened corridor from the swarm, we reach a passage clogged with boards, we tear off and go through and fall into the basement.
  • Then we run along the corridor past the prison cells and ghouls to the next boarded up door.
  • Final.

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