Stardew Valley: Cohabitation with Krobus

How to make friends with Krobus and live with him



Krobus - the only friendly monster in the game. This is a shadow tycoon, who lives in the sewer, because it is too sensitive to the sun.
He is a merchant, selling unique products.
He does not come out of the sewer during the day, because he is very sensitive to light (although he doesn't walk at night either)

Favorite / Favorite gifts

– Diamond
– Wild horseradish
– Nether Mayonnaise
– Nether Egg
– Pumpkin
– Iridium Ingot
– Universal best gifts

– gold bar
– Quartz (uncleaned)
– All universal good gifts (except ready meals and the elixir of life)

Cohabitation proposal

If the player is not married, Krobus will move to the House in 3 days after taking the Ghostly Void Pendant.
Pendant of ghostly void – this is a subject, who sells the money changer for 200 essences of emptiness. It can also drop from monsters in the Skull Cavern. Note: Its recipe can only be purchased upon receipt 10 hearts at Corbus.
Also, just in case, I inserted information about the Changer, suddenly someone doesn't know about him, which is unlikely:
Changed - tradeswoman, whose shop is in the desert. Works around the clock

Cohabitation process

Like marriage candidates, he will create his room to the right of the bedroom, but will not issue a plot behind the house. He walks out on the porch on rainy days, the rest of the time he spends in the house. Upon receipt 13 hearts of friendship, is he, like spouses, will give the player a Star Drop, also it can change wallpaper and flooring.

Notes and differences from normal marriage:
– Kisses are replaced by hugs.
– No wedding ceremony.
– Instead of a divorce, Krobus moves out for free. The player still needs to use the book in the Mayor's Estate. After that, how will Krobus leave, he will not speak to the player and will not accept gifts.
– You cannot have or adopt children with Krobus, but he will help you raise children from past marriages.

Morning gifts:

In clear weather:
– Fried eel
– Lunch for good luck
– Muffin with poppy seeds
– Strange bun

In the rain and thunderstorm:
– Sea urchin
– Void Egg
– Void Mayonnaise
– Nether salmon

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