Purplis Sandbox: How to make vegan palfruit soup?

In this guide, I'll show you how to make fried palfruit soup if you feel sorry for the spiders., or want to try something new.


Cooking utensils
The first thing you need to do – this is to prepare the grill, a saucepan, and a juicer; The surface of the barbecue must be made of a heating metal that can withstand heating.

Preparation of ingredients

In a saucepan, thoroughly rinse each palfruit and put them whole directly into the brazier, almost as many palfruits can be cooked at the same time, the main thing is that the size of the pan is enough and, preferably, the palfruits do not lie on top of each other. palfruits are advised to be placed on top of each other only if, if the pan / grill is completely surrounded by fire

All palfruits can be cooked without or in liquid. We take the liquid from the same palfruits passed through a juicer.


For this capacity, you will need only 3 burners.

You can also “chip the ground” so that all burners can be controlled at once with one button.


First you need to wait until the metal warms up, periodically adding juice

after heating the metal, add the palfruits themselves(palfruit).

Cook until tender, or until the color is something like this:

((Technical difficulites))

Drop the juicer through carelessness, spider pot. Break the brazier


Pack up on plates, and sprinkle with blades of grass to taste

the end

Our soup is fully cooked, and you can eat it.

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