Terraria: Way of making money before and after Hardmod

Lack of money? Too lazy to kill mobs for the dough? I want new sensations and content? Then do that, what will be written in this guide and get a good result from passive income with Precious Trees, added in version 1.4.


Building a farm for precious trees.
Let's start from the most boring stage – building.
You need to sink to the height of the caves.
Each world has a unique height, where this biome is located.
I played on the middle world, so the caves started with 550 heights and below.
When you reach the caves – drop another 50-100 blocks down and you can start excavating!

You need to dig a huge tunnel with a height of 30-50 blocks (can be higher) and wide in 100-400 blocks (width depends on your laziness skill).
You can do by floors.
For example, the first floor is high 30-50 and wide in 100 blocks.
Second and subsequent floors to do, as the first and plant on each unique species of Precious Trees.

When the tunnels or tunnel is ready – make a floor of ordinary stone, mined with a pickaxe in caves, since these unique trees grow only on it.
I advise you to install them in 3 a number of, to dig the torch chambers in the second. (screenshot to understand the picture. Purple growth on stones – moss, which does not interfere with the growth of trees)
If you have built a farm, then you can start to ambush.

Planting and types of Trees
The hardest part is over. It remains only to plant the territory.

If you did 1 large and wide tunnel, then plant all kinds of new Trees in it, despite the inconvenience of a mess.
If you have created multiple tunnels, to be more precise 6 by floor, then plant each type of Precious Tree on a unique floor for it. (For example, the first – for sapphire, second – for ruby)

Of everything exists 6 species of such plants – Amber, Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald, Diamond, Ruby.
Their seeds (жөлуди) mined from Precious Trees, which are often found at the level of caves in any world, but the chance of a drop of seeds is quite small. Or you can craft them at home, using a regular acorn and that gem, which is not enough for you.
The seeds look like this:
We plant each acorn at a distance of three or four blocks from another, so that everyone grows up.

The result can be as disappointing, so please.

Trees may not always give a gem or stones, like acorns, but growing fast enough.
But more often stones 10-20 of each kind, with a normal farm, they will bring.
You can go and sell them to a huckster for a decent price. Evil mobs will also appear on the farm, so that – it's not just a jewel farm, but also clothes, that drop from mobs.

This farm not only gives you pitiful pebbles, and also animals! Yes, difficult, and gems!
You can say, that creating a farm – you create a complete, separate biome, in which not ordinary rabbits and squirrels will appear, and unique.
They appear often enough, so when you come to cut trees – catch precious animals that caught your eye with a net, purchased from a merchant.
Several screenshots of similar animals.
Now you can definitely go to the merchant.

Stonks, sure, will not experience, but for passive farming – quite good.
Give precious stones for a normal price, but every animal, despite, what is it: ruby, diamond etc – costs the same 6 silver and 66 copper.
At the same time, golden animals are more expensive xd. (also met at the farm)
From Caiman

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