Undertale: Developer Mode

It's like cheats, but not cheats.



This is a development mode for Undertale v1.08
It makes it easier to progress through the game, etc.. and so on.

Required tools

HxD – hex editor – https://yadi .sk/d/J5net2gdpGxptA (Remove spaces)
Yes, only one program.

Getting started

1) Opening the game files:

We go to Steam -> Undertale -> View local files (right mouse button);
Select the data.win file and click on it with SHIFT + right button, then choose “Copy as path”;

2) Open the HxD program:

Launch HxD editor and select File -> Open -> *Paste the copied path, removing quotes * -> Opening the file;

3) The heat has gone:
We are looking for line 007748С0;
In the same line we are looking for a column 04;
Value 00 change to 01;


G Opens Dimensional Chest
G (only works in Temmie's shop) Gives 5000G
O Allows you to take things from the chest
I put things in the chest
S Allows you to save
L Loads your save
M Increases Joy Level by 1
F Increases FPS up to 60
P Makes the room speed faster
R If you press 7 time, will reload the game
U Changes Frisk's costume
V Shows the boundaries of the room
W Decreases FPS to 10
5 Increases the group of battles by 5
Backspace Increases speed (you need to hold down the button)

Pg Up Increases steps by 100
Pg Down Makes an attack 989
End Includes the beginning of the tale of the two Froggits (Flowey in the Genocide Path) from the New House
Insert Teleports to the next room. If the protagonist is in the Real Laboratory, then Insert will teleport him to the room 264 (only there will be no symbols)

Delete Teleports to the previous room. If the protagonist is at the very beginning, calls the loading screen

F3 Creates a file "system_information_962" in the game folder (consequences of the genocide path)
F7 Adds 500G
F9 Stops all music, which plays
F10 Allows you to walk through walls (not objects!), also allows you to walk during dialogues and cutscenes

F11 Teleports to room_water1
F12 Breaks down the barrier (triggers the consequences of destruction: if you are in rooms, where monsters should appear with a grateful speech, then they will appear there, merchants also change their speech to that, which appears after the destruction of the barrier). Moreover, the game process does not change in any way., and the events taking place will correspond to the ending, which you are walking

R + 6 Teleports to room_ruins2
T + 6 Teleports to the exit from the ruins room_tundra1
W + 6 Also, as F11
F + 6 Teleports to Hotland (room_fire2)
E + 6 Teleports to the New Home (room_castle_front)
Y + 6 Teleport to the Real Laboratory (room_truelab_elevator)

Facilitate fights

1 Decreases speed (if very slowly, then the game will close)
2 Increases speed by 2x
8 Reduces the opponent's turn
9 Increases the opponent's turn
F Same, what u 2
W Decreases FPS to 10
Delete Changes health to 999
F6 The next attack will deal a lot of damage
O + P Includes mercy (you need to press two buttons at the same time)


Little Dog
J Enlarges the neck

Spacebar Before the next attack it will be said: "THE KING WILL SHOVE THE HEDGE IN THE FORM OF MY SMILE!!!», and after that, how did your soul turn blue, some dialogs will also be changed

O He will just say: «…»

Smuren or Shyren
3 Changes her emotions

7(Delete) Changes health to 999
Space (space) You miss Undyne's attack.
A Decreases the counter by 1

Home Attacks Flowey instantly (if all souls are activated, to na 6000 damage)
Pg Up Activates one of the souls in order
Delete Flowey's health bar does not decrease when dealing damage (In the third stage of the battle)
Right Shift, Left Shift, X Same, as Pg Up
Q Instantly starts combat
W Slows down the game by 10 FPS
E Stars fly out of each eye
R 7 stars fly out from every eye
I Restarts the fight
O Fight with a purple soul
P Green Soul Fight
A Turns on the flamethrower
S Saves the fight (it will say “File 2 saved ")
F Speeds up the game by 2x
G Fight with an orange soul
H Rifle
J Fight with a yellow soul
K Blue Soul Fight
L Load fight (it will say “File 2 loaded ")
C Laser attack
V Attack liana
N Bomb attack
M Tooth attack
Shift Deactivates souls 1 time

C Enables / disables Asriel's flight
Space Ditto, as well as C
G Laser
B Lightning
W Sable (reduces FPS by 10)
S Stars
H Hyper-attack

Immortal Undyne
7 Changes health to 999
A Changes the counter to 1

E Special attack
W lets you spare him


If at the first meeting with Sans you press J, then the joke effect will appear and the game will close;

If in the Waterfall in locations with puddles, press the SPACEBAR, then someone will be seen in the reflection of the water, like Chara (works without an umbrella);

If you try to spare Asgore with O + Р, gameplay will be gone.

If you attack Mettaton with F6, it will be applied 2-4 units of damage.

Activating Developer Mode is the only way to see the coffins of Decency and Perseverance.

When fighting Azriel during your turn, if you press “from”, and then press any of Asriel's attack buttons, then, during your turn he will attack you.

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