Undertale: F12 does not work in the game

In this tutorial, I will share the solution to the problem with screenshots. More precisely, what to do, if the F12 key does not work in Undertale, but the Steam overlay works


I will not hide, I found the method on some Internet resource, link to which, Alas, I won't find
I myself was looking for a solution in the manuals in Steam, but found nothing similar, decided to share, a little, someone also affected by this problem

Let's get started!

Steam Overlay
I will write about this item for those, who still has a problem with the disabled Steam overlay

What and how?

In the upper left corner, click on “Steam”. Then the settings -> In Game -> Enable Steam overlay in game

Deleting a file “steam_api.dll”
In this section, the solution to the problem, if the problem is not with the disabled Steam overlay

1. Open the folder with Steam
In most cases, it is located in Program Files (x86)

2. Opening the Steam folder, go to steamapps, then in common, then to the folder with Undertale

3. Find the steam_api.dll file in the Undertale folder and just delete it

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