Stay Out Chat Commands

The main commands that will be of interest to many) someone already knows about them, but someone does not even guess) so use it for health) good farming…


System Commands

/ help – current help for console commands
/iwannadie – lose consciousness and call for help (possible loss of things)
/ log – shows the current time, client version and character location (server, location, coordinates)
/ ping – show ping
/ resetGUIpos – resets saved window positions
/ smsReset – reset confirmation code
/ trade – incl / off incoming trade offers
/ time – current time
/ isPremium – show excellent performance (True – included ; None – turned off)

Text messages

@ [name] [text] – send a private message to the stalker [name]
/ ignore [name] – add stalker [name] into a black list. View the list of ignored stalkers: press F11.
/ add_friend [name] – add stalker [name] to friends list. View your friends list: press F11.
/ unignore [name] – remove stalker [name] from the black list
/ chatabuse [on, off] – enable or disable message censorship

Grouping control

/ clandestroy – (owner only) disband the group
/ claninvite [name] – invite to group
/ clanid – show group id
/ clankick [name] – exclude from grouping
/ clanleave – leave the group
/ clanwar [group_name] – to declare a war
/ basewar – declare war on the group, which controls the current territory, which character is currently on
/ clanwarlist – group list, for which war has been declared
/ clanpeace [group_name] – prompt the world

Other Teams

/ ichangedmymind – reset character skills for redistribution (available every 24 hours in real time)
/ firstperson – incl / off first person view
/ reputation – reputation among factions

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