Resident Evil 7 Biohazard: Ancient coins in GIFs

Collect coins in order


The Beginning and the Baker Mansion

№1 On the record we select a master key and open the lock. Ethan picking up the first coin

# 2 After escaping Jack, under the house

№3 Main hall

No. 4 Lounge on the second floor

No. 5 Bathroom on 2 floor

No. 6 In the room after the living room

No. 7 Processing area. We remove the green partition and look behind the pallet

Courtyard and Old House

# 8 How we got out into the yard – watching the stairs

# 9 In the trailer

№10 Removing the hive, we go down

№11 Lowering the bridge, take “crow key” and coin

# 12 After the first round with Margot

Test area and ship

No. 13 In a room with stretch marks

No. 14 Next to the door code

Walkthrough for Miyu
# 15 We jump into the hatch, we drive to the right

№16 We jump into the compartment

# 17 We take the master key on 2 floor and open the box on 3 floor

# 18 We pass the fat man on the way to Ethan and open the locker

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