Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: How to open EVERYTHING on the map

guide how to open all the placemarks on the map


What do we need? (console)
ATTENTION, this way of turning on the console may not work for everyone.

To turn on the console, you need to find the folder with the game The Witcher 3. I have it like that: Local drive D(x86)\SteamLibrarysteamappscommonThe Witcher 3. Click on the game folder and follow this path: binconfigbase. Next, we need the general (general.ini). After we clicked on it, a notepad opens in which on the NEXT LINE we write DBGConsoleOn = true. Open the game and press the tilde (or), if you have black crap on the floor of the screen, then you have activated the console.

Opening everything on the map
Enter the following commands into the console:
ShowKnownPins(1)-opens all question marks on the map.
ShowAllFT(1) – Opens all signs,pointers,quick transitions.
ShowPins(1) – Opens ALL locations, map icons.

On Skellig instead of question marks,cells (man in trouble) and nests of monsters can only be icons of quick transition. What to do? Nothing, quick transition from other objects, you can distinguish thanks to the white outline that only question icons have,nests of monsters and a man in trouble.

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