The Lord of the Rings Adventure Card Game Definitive Edition: Awards and achievements

Receiving special rewards for various heroes and the most suitable cards for this. Decks for various achievements.



Easiest Reward - Need to Rebuild 50 health points with Arwen's ability at the start of the turn. All played Quests are counted.

As a reward, we get a rather useful card. Grace of Eldar (Beauty Eldar - reduces Threat (The threat) by one and restores 1 OZ for all characters). This card can be used by all heroes with a specialization. Lore (Knowledge).


Here we need to remove 25 Objectives (Goals) with Eowyn with active ability. We are waiting for when one of the characters is attacked and Will Power (Sila Voli) Eowyn increases from 1 to 3. Hazard (Dangers) most likely also count, because it took me only a few matches to complete this award. In addition, Dangers are much more common and most of them can be removed at once with Willpower. 3.

As a reward, we receive a card A Daughter of Kings (Daughter of Kings - Restores Eowyn's health to maximum and deals 2 damage points to the enemy, this card's damage ignores block). This card can only be used by Eowyn..


All you have to do here is kill 35 enemies.

As a reward, we receive a card Resourcefulness (Resourcefulness - gives 2 Resource for drawing a card during the turn).
This card can be used by all heroes with the Knowledge specialization..

Fredegar Bolger

Here you need to restore 100 OZ Fredegaru for all played Quests.

As a reward, we receive a card Second Breakfast (Second Breakfast - restores 1 OZ for all characters, every hobbit can act again). Useful map, especially if you play with hobbits alone to accomplish an achievement For the Shire. This card can be used by all heroes with the Knowledge specialization..


Need to use Idraen's ability to act again after killing an enemy 25 time (ability triggers only once per round).

As a reward, we receive a card A Secretive People (Secretive People - Grants stealth for one round and restores 2 OZ to every dúnedain). This card can be used by all heroes with a specialization. Leadership (Leadership).

Tom Took

To receive this reward, you must reflect 100 damage units with Tom Took's ability. All played Quests are counted.

As a reward, we receive a card Cleverness (Wits - if Sauron has 3 or more Resources, then steals from him one unit of Resource, if not, gives one hobbit Stealth before his action). This card can be used by all heroes with a specialization. Spirit (Spirit).


Here you have to kill 25 enemies with Legolas' ability to inflict 1 damage point at the start of the round. Quickly recruited on bats and weak Orcs and Goblins with just one HP, as well as when finishing off wounded enemies.

As a reward, we receive a special improvement card A Good Deed (Great Shot - increases damage by 1, Legolas' ability deals 2 damage instead of one). One of the most rewarding rewards. This card can only be used by Legolas..


Need to kill 20 enemies with full health with one hit of Gimli. Quite simple, all the more so with the combination Dwarven Axe (Gnomish Ax - gives +1 to damage or +2 gnome) + Raiment of War (Combat Equipment - gives Block, 2 OZ i +1 to damage) + active Dain in the group and active ability of Gimli can increase his damage up to 7, to take down almost any enemy with one hit.

As a reward, we receive a special improvement card Three Golden Hairs (Strand of Golden Hair - Reduces Threat by 3 when drawing, pulls out 3 cards if Gimli is defeated). This card can only be used by Gimli., and you can only take it to the deck with a Knowledge hero in a group.


First non-cumulative award, which is best done as quickly as possible, to get a very valuable card. Here's to spend 10 Resource units in one round after using Frodo's ability. We save resources and cards for several rounds, when is typed 9 Resources we use Frodo to remove Target or Danger, total we get 10 Resources and play cards to zero. Rewards of this type are counted only upon successful completion of the Quest.

As a reward, we receive an armor card Mithril Shirt (Mithril Chainmail - gives protection from any damage once at the beginning of the turn and increases the maximum HP by 1, Bilbo and Frodo have their maximum HP increased by 2). Only one chain mail can be used at a time (as well as Sting and unique allies like Gandalf). This card can be used by all heroes with the Spirit spec..


Here you need to complete successfully 10 Quests so, so that Dvalin's health does not fall below 6. Just execute, if you heal him with the help of Arwen or Elrond in the group, or different cards. You can also enhance it with armor with a Block, to get on 1 less damage. Easier to use Gondorian Shield (Gondor Shield - Grants Block and increases maximum HP by 2, which makes the task easier) and Raven-winged Helm (Winged Helmet - gives +1 Attack Damage and Block, if the hero is attacked), when combined with heroes of other specialties, you can use Combat Equipment or Mithril Mail. Cloak of Lorien (Lorien Cloak) specialties Knowledge will do too - it gives Block and ignores the enemy Block when attacking.

As a reward, we receive a card First to the Party (First at the Party - Gives 2 OZ to all gnomes, played this round after using the card). This card can be used by all Leadership heroes..


You need to complete one Quest, playing Sam and two other hobbits, So, so that the other two hobbits are never attacked. If two other hobbits take damage from enemy abilities or events, this will not affect the receipt of the reward.. Only melee or ranged attacks of enemy soldiers should be avoided. We take Sam from the heroes, Fredegar and Frodo. We take Frodo out of Stealth, and Fredegar can use the ability to include protection from allies. We definitely take from weapons for Sam Spear of the Citadel (Spear of the Citadel - Deals 1 damage to enemies, attacking the character and turns on the Guard for killing the enemy, the number of procs per round is equal to the hero's Willpower). The spear ability triggers even if the enemy was killed by a retaliatory attack on the defensive. With this weapon, Sam can easily defend the other two heroes and counterattack. The increase in damage works for him even in that case, if the defense does not include himself, and the items, cards or abilities. From armor, he can take Mithril Mail or any armor with a Block.


  • Erkebrand
  • Greenwood Defender
  • Guardian of Arnor
  • Guard of the Citadel
  • Guardian of the Forest
  • Forest Protector

For all these troops, the defense is automatically activated upon play and at the beginning of the turn., and after an enemy attack, it can be turned on again.

As a reward, we receive a special improvement card Pots and Pans (Pots and Pans - restores 2 OZ Sam at the end of the round, if the player has no Resources). This card can only be used by Sam..


Here you need to use only one of the two Glorfindel bonuses during one Quest all the time. If he takes damage, then at the end of the round reduces the Threat by 1, and if he did not receive damage – is added 1 unit Fate (Fate). It will be easier not to take damage. To do this, we take the deck from Sam's trial and exchange Frodo for Glorfindel., and the tactics will be the same. In addition, you can give him the Mithril Mail, to protect against damage from a distance, enemy abilities and events.

As a reward, we receive a card Seen and Unseen (Visible and Invisible - the card can be played instead of Glorfindel's action, she instantly destroys two selected Minions on the field, after using Glorfindel will not be able to act in the next round). This card can only be used by Glorfindel..


Here you need to return to the hand of allies within one Quest 8 different sides by the ability of Rossiel. We take Rossiel into the deck, Sam and Glorfindel.

Allies (take two cards each, to quickly pull out the desired):

  • Cautious Halfling (Hobbit)
  • East Road Rider (Rohan)
  • Dwarven Warrior (Dwarf)
  • Greenwood Defender (Silvan)
  • Guard of the Citadel (Gondor)
  • Hobbit Pony (Animal)
  • Rhovanion Outrider (Dale)
  • Warden of Annuminas (Dunadan)

During the Quest, we play, return and play again 8 different allies.

As a reward, we receive a card Elf-magic (Elven Magic - after casting her next ally, removed from the deck or returned to the hand, can be played for free). This card can be used by all heroes with the Knowledge specialization..


You need to complete one Quest deck with 24 Event Cards (Event Cards) and using only Noldor characters. Take the Arwen + Glorfindel + Elrond deck and first select 6 items of equipment. These are the cards Self-preservation (2 PC. for heroes), Spear of the Citadel and Mithril Mail (for Glorfindel), The sting, as well as Dagger from Westerness or Bow of the Pathfinder for the other two heroes.

Required cards for Noldor decks:

  • Back to the Dark (Back Into Darkness - Destroys Minion, who can't act).
  • Houses of Healing (House of Healers - returns a defeated hero to the game with full health, but he cannot act this turn).
  • Lore of Imladris (Knowledge of Imladris - stuns the selected Noldor hero and restores maximum HP to the selected character).
  • Fair and Perilous (Beautiful and Dangerous - for one turn adds the Willpower of the character to his damage, can only be applied to Noldor and Silvan).
  • Emissary of the Valar (Ambassador Valar - gives one turn +1 Damage and Willpower, and also Block to all Noldor).
  • Pity Stayed His Hand (Pity Held His Hand - applies to two wounded Minions and at the end of the round they leave the field).

To get the rest of the Event Cards, we take healers and cards to reduce the Threat.
This deck will also help you earn achievements. Loner, Solitary, Recluse, Misanthrope for completing Quests without allies.

Alternatively, you can take allied cards instead of any equipment:

  • Noldor Champion (Noldor Warrior is a versatile ally with good stats).
  • Imladris Minstrel (Imladris Minstrel - When the enemy dies, restores 1 OZ for the selected character, the number of procs per round is equal to the minstrel's Willpower).
  • Sailor of Lune (Lunar Navigator - Ignores enemy Block and Counterattack, +1 Damage and Willpower for one round after each Event Card played).

As a reward, we receive a special improvement card Vilya (Villa - so, we have one of the elven Rings of Power in our hands and it can 3 Fate units give one more action after each Event Card played this round.). This card can only be used by Elrond..


Here you need to complete the Quest with a full scale of Destiny and 49 glasses Threats. We play the Quest We Must Away and at the end, almost opening the camera, waiting for the accumulation of Threats, cleaning the table along the way. Fate will accumulate by itself from Pippin's ability. Just in case, you can insure yourself with a card Favor of the Valar (Grace of the Valar - after being played, reduces the Threat by 3, if she reached 50).

As a reward, we receive an ally card Shire Brewmaster (Shire Brewer - Cheap No Damage Ally, but with Willpower. Capable of 1 Resource to give Counterattack to all active hobbits). This card can be used by all heroes with the Knowledge specialization..


Here you just need to complete the Quest with 7 different gnomes on the table.

As a reward, we receive a card Dwarven Peacekeeping (Dwarf Peacekeeping - Deals 2 damage to enemies and 1 damage to all characters). This card can be used by all heroes with a specialization. Tactics (Tactics).


Here you need to complete one Quest with full health of all characters and so, so that no one perishes (allies also count). It's not hard, if you take Arwen, healing cards and troops, and during the game actively use the ability Dis (when you turn on the protection manually, it also receives the reflection of any damage at one time).

As a reward, we receive a weapon card Hammer of Dis (Hammer Dis - gives +1 to damage, after the attack, the victim loses the Block, Counterattack and ranged attack). This card can only be used by Dis..


Here you need to do 8 Aragorn's actions in one round. It's not that hard, as it might seem at first glance. Take Arwen, Aragorn and Sam. We take into the deck Lembas, Cram, Ever vigilant by 2 PC. for additional actions. From the troops you can take Escort from Edoras - it gives an additional action on death. For a set of Resources, be sure to take Bill's pony (with Sam it's free), two Blade of Numenor (Blade of Numenor - Gives +1 to damage, for killing an enemy gives 1 Resource), two Dwarven Warrior (Dwarf Warrior - when played, it gives Resources by the number of allies on the table, the dwarf himself also counts) and some other resource cards of your choice. When all cards for additional actions are in hand, and the Resource will be enough for their drawing - let's proceed. Aragorn already has two actions with the ability for 1 Resource, and with all the cards it will be just 8. So 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 11 Resources for completing the goal using cards, and if successfully applied Escort from Edoras, then the price can be reduced.

As a reward, we receive a weapon card Sword that was Broken (Sword, That Was Broken - Narsil got into our collection and he gives +1 to the Force of Will, and for killing the enemy also 1 point of Destiny). This card can only be used by Aragorn..


Here you need to apply 20 damage per round, using only Gondorian characters.

Preferred soldiers (two cards each):

  • Ithilien Lookout (Knowledge)
  • Ithilien Forest-keeper (Tactics)
  • Honor Guard (2 the hero of Tactics)
  • Defender of Rammas (Leadership)
  • Knight of the White Tower (Leadership, use carefully - attacking the enemy, he adds one Threat point at a time)
  • Helpful Squire (Leadership)
  • Guard of the Citadel (Leadership, useful to protect other soldiers and heroes)

Based on this, you can use the following combinations:

  1. Faramir + Boromir + Aragorn - you can use almost all the proposed soldiers and be sure to take all healing cards. For additional actions, take Lembas.
  2. Boromir + another Tactics hero + Aragorn - with two Tactics orbs, you can take a free one Bow of Galadrim (Galadhrim Bow - +1 damage and ranged attack), Honor Guard (Honor Guard - medium stats soldier, at the beginning of the turn, give Block to an ally of choice, in case of death, gives one-time protection against any damage to an ally of choice), Cry of Rohirrim Horns (Rohirrim Horn Signal - Gives +1 damage and defense to three selected characters) and special improvement of the soldier Mighty Warrior (Mighty Warrior - +1 damage and two actions per round).
  3. Boromir + Aragorn + Dis - with two Orbs of Leadership, you can take the Blade of Numenor, Armor of Erebor (Erebor's Armor - Grants Block and Protects at the start of each turn) - must be worn on Aragorn and Dis or on Knight of the White Tower to protect the Gondorians, Crum for additional action and Reinforcements (Reinforcements - casts a random non-unique soldier from the deck). Dis's ability will help keep soldiers on the table.
  4. Boromir + Eowyn + Faramir - from Spirit cards you can take Star Brooch (Star Brooch - grants two actions per round), free Timely Rescue (Timely Rescue - the injured character can act again), The sting, mithril mail. Putting on Boromir and Faramir Star Brooch and Raiment of War. Give Boromir the Sting, and Faramir a free sword on +1 to damage. Against the orcs, Boromir will have two hits on 5, and with his ability, he can give Faramir damage 5 or 6. The maximum damage of this combination per turn is 22 (even a little more than necessary).

For all combinations, you need to take as much equipment as possible to strengthen the soldiers, Leadership cards Ever vigilant and For Gondor! (For Gondor! – +1 damage to all characters and gives Block to all Gondorians for one round) for a decisive onslaught. Play Quest Flames and Fury from the second campaign, there at the end four orcs just appear with 5 OZ and boss with 12 OZ. During the quest, you need to place as many soldiers as possible, reinforcing them with equipment and covering them with non-donor heroes (ideally by the end should be kept on the table 5-6 Gondorians). When the boss appears with four orcs, protect troops from damage with cards Spear Wall or Against the Shadow, apply For Gondor! and knock out all the enemies on the table. Boromir's ability, killing giver +1 damage and Block to an ally of choice, and additional action cards will help you get damage.

As a reward, we receive a special improvement card Horn of Gondor (Horn of Gondor - When one of the characters dies, it reduces the cost of all Gondorian characters in hand by 1). This card can only be used by Boromir..


Here you need to defeat one Villain as an ally (not a hero!) with three upgrades equipped immediately after using Merry's ability. We play the Down the Anduin Quest - at the end there is an orc boss Uftak and he 5 bodyguards with protection.

Preferred soldiers:

  • Gandalf
  • Veteran Sword-elf (Tactics, restores itself 2 HP for each kill).
  • Iron Hills Champion (Tactics)
  • Hobbit Champion (Spirit)
  • Noldor Champion (Knowledge)
  • Fornost Avenger (Tactics)
  • Helpful Squire (Leadership)
  • Dwarven Warrior (Leadership)
  • Knight of the White Tower (Leadership)
  • Fornost Bowman (Tactics, for every kill gets +1 to damage, maximum damage without upgrades - 4)
  • Westfold Guardian (Tactics)
  • Silvan Sharpshooter (Tactics, when the character attacks Silvan's side, then he deals his damage to the enemy after the attack, this also affects the soldier himself - his attack is double).
  • Silvan Refugee (Spirit, cheap shooter with good damage, but poor health. If any of the characters leaves the game, then this soldier leaves after him at the end of the round).

Weapon for an ally: Dwarf Ax for Dwarves, Sting or Dagger from Westerness for the rest. Take Combat Equipment or Winged Helmet from the armor.. Special improvements: Narya for Gandalf, Self-preservation or Mighty Warrior for everyone else.

During the Quest, you must first weaken the boss with ranged attacks or tactics. Then we permeate Merry's abyss (to use it you need at least one enemy with active defense) and the next action the fighter with the improvements finishes the boss.

As a reward, we receive a card of a unique ally Quickbeam (Skorodum is an ent with excellent stats, but he cannot act at the start of the turn. The action is triggered by activating the ability, but does 2 damage to ent. Can't use upgrades).
This card can be used by all heroes with the Tactics specialization..

Izensky Brody *


You need to complete the Quest with a lower threat level, what was in the beginning. Take the Deck from Elrond's Challenge, change Elrond to Galadriel and add cards to it to reduce the Threat.

Threat Reduction Cards (by 2 PC.):

  • A Watchful Peace (Vigilant Calm - reduces Threat by 2).
  • Careful Planning (Careful Planning - after being played, reduces Threat by the value of the next Event card played by Sauron).
  • Gilthoniel! A Elbereth! (after being played, destroys the next attacking Minion and reduces Threat by the amount of its damage).
  • Galadriel’s Handmaiden (Handmaid of Galadriel - when played, reduces Threat by 1).
  • Grace of Eldar

During the Quest, each turn we reduce the Threat with the abilities of Galadriel and Glorfindel, as well as maps.

As a reward, we receive a special improvement card Nenya (Nenya is the last of the Elven Rings of Power and it gives +2 damage and the ability to add your Willpower to the targeted ally's Willpower, you can choose an ability before using). This card can only be used by Galadriel..


Need to remove 25 Goals or Dangers, using Grimbold's ability. To complete it is better to play the Quest On the Trail - at its end they appear immediately 5 Dangers, which can be removed with one use of abilities. And if you take Galadriel into the team with her Ring of Power, then you can remove almost any object with Willpower at once (here you can play Quests Burglary in Bree, Murder Most Foul, The Unsettled Bones).

As a reward, we receive an ally card Dismounted Rider (Dismounted Horseman - Rohirrim with good stats and Block. Together with other such troops receives +1 to damage and HP, but this ability almost never works - most likely a bug interferes). This card can be used by all heroes with the Leadership specialization..

Mirror of Galadriel *


Just using Thranduil's ability 50 time.

As a reward, we receive a special improvement card Elf-stone (Elven Stone - Grants the character Stealth at the beginning of each turn, Can only be worn on characters from the Sivan side). This card can be used by all Tactician heroes..


Just using Fangorn's ability 100 time.

As a reward, we receive an ally card Old Man Willow (Old Man Iva - Ent with good stats, in case of death, leaves two Saplings on the field). This card can be used with two or more Knowledge heroes in a group..

Achievement "Three Hunters"

To get an achievement you need to complete 10 Quest deck Aragorn + Legolas + Gimli


Narya x1
Sword that was Broken x1
A Good Deed x1
Dwarven Axe x1
Elven Blade x1
Ever Vigilant x2
Favor of the Valar x1
Hands Upon the Bow x1
Proud Hunter x1 (Gimli)
Quick Strike x2
Ranger Cloak x1
Helpful Squire x1
Honor Guard x2
Raven-winged Helm x2 (Gimli, Legolas)
Beorn x1
Fornost Avenger x2
Mighty Warrior x2 (Fornost Avenger или Veteran Sword-elf)
Veteran Sword-elf x2
Warden of Annuminas x2
Erkenbrand x1
Raiment of War x1 (Aragorn)
Gandalf x1

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