Resident Evil Village: Goat charms in GIFs

Locations of amulets in GIFs with descriptions as you progress.
It is inconvenient to search by screenshots and videos? Then you are here


Dimitrescu Village / Castle

The very first amulet, hard to miss

# 2 On the roof of the church

# 3 Near Louise's house. We climb over the fence and go behind the barn

# 4 On the way to the castle, before meeting with the huckster

No. 5 Ablution hall. Solving the riddle, we go down

# 6 In the attic

Village / House Beneviento

Second entry into the village after the castle.

# 7 On a lonely road

# 8 We open the gate at the church, looking behind the crypt

# 9 In the violinist's yard

№10 On the bridge, on the way to madam doll

# 11 At her house

Moro Reservoir / Fortress

No. 12 At the mill, where we break the handle

# 13 Push the cart into the water, looking at the beams

№14 Remember the place, where do we first get on the boat. After a new combination of the key, we go to this place and we pass through the destroyed mill

After the tank, follow the signs. Opening the door. Turn left at the fork

Figure 15 under the building

№16 In the fortress we go down the spiral staircase

Heisenberg Plant / Remains

№17 Above the elevator with a dealer

# 18 After the cutscene with the screw

# 19 After the fight with Carlson

# 20 After defeating the guard

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