Hotline Miami: Secret Ending Guide for Dummies

In every chapter, from the prelude up to and including the 15th, scattered puzzle pieces, one letter on each part, Total 16 parts. You need to collect all the pieces of the puzzle, and add the password for the computer from them in the 19th chapter, to see the secret ending.
For this you will receive a bat mask..


Part 1

Part 1. Phonecalls

Prologue. The Metro
1 floor
We go to the rails on the left, we go down to the very bottom, near the wall near two armchairs we find the first hidden letter “U”
1. No Talk
2 floor
We enter the kitchen in the north of the building. There is a secret letter in front of the gas stove “T”
2. Overdose
2 floor
In the farthest room in the lower right part we get into the bathroom, there is a secret letter to the right of the bathroom “A”
3. Decadence
2 floor
In the central room, we approach a large table., to the right of the upper right chair is the secret letter “O”

Part 2

4. Tension
2 floor
Inside the exploded room, we approach the left window, find the secret letter “A”
5. Full House
1 floor
We enter the kitchen in the lower right side of the house. To the right of the kitchen table we find the secret letter “E”
6. Clean Hit
2 floor
On the balcony on the right side we see two sun loungers. We find the secret letter under the lower lounger “I”
7. Neighbors
1 floor
We go to the upper left room, examining the computer by the window, in front of him we find a secret letter “N”

Part 3

8. Push It
2 floor
On the northern dance floor, go to the upper right corner, we find the letter in it “R”
9. Crackdown
2 floor
In the northern part of the second floor, we approach the dark room. There is a secret letter to the right of the front door to this room. “S”
10. Hot & Heavy
1 floor
In the lower left room we examine the sun loungers around the pool. To the right of the lower lounger lies a secret letter “I”
11. Deadline
2 floor
On the 2nd floor in the lower left room in the dark we approach the table with a projector. We find a secret letter under the table “N”

Part 4

12. Trauma
2 floor
From the elevator we go south along the corridor, we enter the toilet. Inside to the left of the sinks we find the secret letter “W”
13. Assault
1 floor
In the southern part of the police station, go to the toilet. Inside, near the north wall, we find the secret letter “S”
14. Vengeance
2 floor
In the toilet opposite the entrance, examine the floor to the left of the washbasin, find the letter “B”
15. Showdown
We go to the left room of the mansion. At the left wall between the vases we find the letter “H”


So after you have collected all the letters for the puzzle, you pause the game(esc)
and in the puzzle section, substitute the letters so that you get the phrase "I WAS BORN IN THE USA" (rus. I was born in the USA).After that, in the 19th chapter, we go to the computer, enter the found password. Reading files, then we go down into the sewer, let's understand “cleaners”, what we all know about their plans.


For these shenanigans, we will get a rather useless mask., but hardcore players like it

Nigel Bat Mask (Nigel)
Effect: “reverse control” – direction keys change their meaning to the opposite. The mask was created to complicate the gameplay. Achievements are also associated with it.

(The mask is named after Nigel Lowry., one of the publishers “Return Digital”).

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