Hood Outlaws & Legends: Delicious Build

Best 2-course build for your attention

Vegetable soup — Пища, which restores 1 a unit of health and stamina per second for 720 seconds. This dish is one of the few, which can be cooked without salt.

Vegetable soup, along with other food, restores stamina well, allowing you to perform powerful power attacks or defend against enemy attacks, which makes it a good food for warriors.

Shellfish soup – Delicious traditional clam soup with a delicate creamy base. This recipe requires standard soup ingredients and some red wine vinegar., which is added before serving for extra flavor.

Vegetable soup

(Cabbage) Cabbage — 1 PC
(Potato) Potatoes — 1 PC
(Leek) Leek — 1 PC
(A tomato) A tomato — 1 PC

Shellfish soup

(Oyster meat) Oyster meat — 1 PC
(Potato) Potatoes — 1 PC
(Milk) Jug of milk — 1 PC
(Butter) Butter — 1 PC

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