The Forest: Where to find all parts of Timmy's robot


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The toy is divided into 6 parts, which are located in caves, scattered throughout the game world.

Toy head
The head can be found in the cave 2, on the bloody table, with bodies hanging from the ceiling and human hearts lying around. Above the table is illuminated by lanterns, and in one or two branches of the cave you can find chocolate bars and soda.

Torso toys
Located near the cave descent 1 (also known as the Katana cave). It's not far from several of Timmy's drawings..

The first hand of the toy
Located near the cave entrance 3 under two, hanging from the ceiling, bodies of plane passengers. This cave entrance is next to the river, opposite the coastal village and fertile lands.

The second hand of the toy
Found in a cave 7. You will have to go through three pale skinny mutants and one Rukasty. After destroying the wooden boards with the crosses, go straight to the end of the stone ledge – this place is lit by a skull with a candle.

The first leg of the toy
Located in a cave 5 about two passes, guarded by two pale skinny mutants.

The second leg of the toy
Located in a cave 7. Near the exit to the karst sinkhole, on a stone bridge.

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