Ultimate Custom Night: The easiest way to type 5000 glasses

Hey! Today I will tell you, how not to undermine your chair, and without wasting a lot of time, dial whole 5000 glasses!



so! 5000 thousands of points will not be typed if there are not enough animatronics for this, I picked the lightest, with them you will only be involved 2 systems and office!
You can see the selected animatronics in the screenshot. Put everyone on 20!


Optional. But! Рекомендую отключить ДД, because. it can greatly interfere with the passage, adding awkward animatronics.


so, the night started. If you put everything correctly, we act according to the following tactics:
1) Выключаем вентилятор. For the whole night you can forget about him, we will warm ourselves.
2) Переходим в дакт систем. Ставим маркер на точку указанную на screenshot, also forget about this camera for the whole night.
3) Все приготовления выполнены, excellent! Then we just go through the night.
Controlling both doors with nightmarish Fredbers.
Pereodichiski go to ventilation systems and monitor.
When necessary, we shine a flashlight in front of us and put on a mask.
Checking the upper ventilation.
We catch fish with a fisherman, do not miss!
Ignore everything “screamers”, we answer calls so as not to interfere with hearing.
Don't forget about Springtrap! Close the right ventilation when it starts to rumble..
Don't catch a parrot!

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