My Beautiful Paper Smile: How to find all the switches in a chapter 3

Preliminary preparation

Check, do you have a rusty key in your inventory from the beginning?. If you don't have a key, then it can be found in the second chapter. When the hunter asks you to wait a bit, you go to the place where you need to lower the bridge. There is a long house on the other side of the river at the very end of the location., the key is there.

Small switches

The first one you can find in the house, where does the chapter begin. After speaking with the leader of the heretics, he will ask you to go to the next room with a dagger. The switch will lie there.

The second switch you can find, when a heretic accompanies you. Directly in front of the gate there will be a passage down, where the switch will be located.

The third switch you can pick up during the chase. You should run a little further than that place, where the character falls down. He will lie on the ground. The rangers will most likely catch up with you, but don't worry, the switch will be in your inventory after reboot.

You will find the fourth switch at the very beginning of the dungeon., in a room with 4 fans on the left side. It will lie on the box.

The last switch lies on the table in the room. The room is on the first floor of the dungeon

Middle switches

You can find the first middle switch almost immediately after the second small one.. You need to go to the bottom of the screen (as shown in the screenshot) and walk into a long dark alley. At the very end there will be a switch.

The second switch you need to quickly pick up during transportation. It will lie on the steps of the first left tower.

The third switch can be found in the pantry, which is next to the room, where you need to move the bridge from one door to another.

The last switch is located on the second floor of the dungeon in the long corridor.. It lies on the right wall.

Huge switches

For the first switch, we need a key, which is in the second chapter. He is in the barrack, where are all the children brought. One of the doors will open with a key and there will be a switch.

You can find the second switch in the corridor in front of the entrance to the dungeons.. There will be a creature at the end of the corridor, when it disappears, a switch will appear in its place.

The last switch is on the third level of the dungeon.. You need to go there BEFORE you turn off the gas. It will lie right at the entrance. If you turn on the gas, and then go into the room, then it will disappear.

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