Monster Hunter World: Simple and effective SHIELD and SWORD

This is a simple guide without trying to describe all the combinations and mechanics.. If you have something to add, just as simple and effective, I will be glad to comments.
All the keyboard shortcuts for the Xbox controller.. Starting to play WHW: Iceborn i, like most players, chose Bastard (or Katana). Looked guides, learned the combo.. and how I suffered with him:) Monsters with their roar, topotom, flaps of wings.. attacks finally, constantly interrupted combo and did not allow to accumulate fortitude, to reach normal damage and signature hit. I believe, what's in direct hands, this is a strong weapon, but i suffered, I didn’t play. I began to try different weapons. Then in the arena, the game made me try Shield and Sword, which I never seriously considered… and rushed:)Shield and Sword are fast and convenient weapons. If you are just starting to deal with it, here are some tips.

1. Block (RT)

The shield blocks almost everything! A series of Nergigante attacks, fire fireballs, elemental attacks of the Ancient Dragons ... and it can take two or three attacks at a time and you still have stamina. Difficult to assess, how often the block saved me from certain death. The block is placed even if you have not yet deployed the weapon. There is a danger - RT.

2. Charged Leap Attack

Simple, but strong enough technique, which helps to stun monsters and deal serious damage to them or saddle monsters with ease.

After any blow you pinch Back to + IN, hero bounces back, you clamp B and load the blade, further the hero jumps with a blow forward. If the blow hits the target, hero jumps up. Then there are two options: keep spamming IN, then the hero will land with a stunning blow of the shield. Or press on in the air Y, then there will be a blow with a sword and with an accurate hit you will saddle the monster.

The strategy here is usually like this.
– First hit with a slide Y + B, he quickly closes the distance.
– Further Back to + IN, Pinch IN charge the blade
– Next charged attack with a jump, B standing attack from above.
– Immediately after landing again Back to + IN and so on again.

Easy to learn in the training area, so that you have one charged attack after another without breaking.
In this way, they kill a nergigan in a minute, practically without letting him get up..

The only thing, not all monsters are stun sensitive and it will often be more profitable to land with Y, to deal elemental damage and mount a monster.

3. Perfect onslaught

In every Shield and Sword guide, you will be told, that he has Perfect onslaught – combo, which does steep damage, if you hit the timing correctly. Let me share, how easy is it to get this combo, how easy is it to get into these timings.

A simple way from personal experience.
– Pick up charges for the crossbow.
– Unfold your weapon. Take aim (LT), click the right stick (RS), to switch to high-power cross-fire mode.
LT + RT in this mode, an enhanced shot from a crossbow.
– Immediately after the shot, press Y and the hero starts a combo Perfect onslaught.
– After the combo, you can again LT + RT shot and new combo.

The boosted shot mode will continue until you lay down your weapon., you need to click the right stick only once after unfolding the weapon.

Projectiles have different effectiveness, the strongest are knocked out of the monsters. But! Simple stones are amazingly cool for a charged shot. A close shot often interrupts monster attacks, ideal for next-shot combo.

If there are no charges. There is a way to get to the Perfect Assault even faster.
– We start with a button attack IN or Y + B
– For her Back + B to jump off
– As soon as the hero jumps back, we pinch Y and begins Perfect onslaught.
– Further combo timings as usual.

Sounds simple and seems to be more convenient. That's what the pros do:) But in practice, my combo is less stable this way.. Plus Charged Shot helps interrupt monster attacks and inflict combos at. If it doesn't work right away, try not to just click Y after jumping back, and hold it for a split second.

HOW to hit the timing of the Perfect Onslaught.

For some reason, I have not seen this in any guide.
The first, important, there are only THREE presses on Y. It's not hard.
Each of the clicks the hero is highlighted in red, but you need to press exactly before this.
Swing - Y - big pause - Y - pause - Y

Even if you do not hit all power shocks, it will still be a good effective combo.

4. Claw (LT + B)

Always use your claw, when there is a small window for this. Monster launches fireball - claw, Monster is occupied by another player - claw, Monster tired - claw, The monster runs away - claw, The monster fell.. better combo, but if there are a lot of players around and you do not have the skill of not interrupting attacks - claw.
In general, combos are more effective, but the claw is preparation for the combo 🙂 Three claw strikes (B after clinging) weaken the defense of the monster in this place. But it is more effective to carry out two blows with a claw and then a blow with a weapon., it will do decent damage and also weaken the place.

The complete series looks like this:
LT + B aim and claw, Two claws on IN, Hit Y with your weapon and jump off.

Also a popular start to the fight, shoot a monster at the feet of a crossbow, to distract him, and then hooked with a claw and loosen the skin in the right place.
And of course, if you are caught on your head, and next to the wall, then after hitting with a claw, press RT, for the monster to fly into the wall.

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