The Long Dark: how to survive (Uninvited guest)

Uninvited guest, or Interloper – the hardest and most interesting game mode in The Long Dark. Only he will be able to give the player a real harsh experience of the game. In this guide, we will go through in detail the entire path of a long and successful survival on this difficulty..



Uninvited guest – why exactly he?

In the game, the main type of game is the survival mode, in which there are four difficulties. Pilgrim and wanderer designed for completely newbies, and are completely uninteresting to play. Stalker already more interesting, but playing at this difficulty level will get bored sooner or later. Thanks to loot generation on Stalker difficulty, soon you will be so rich and strong, that nothing can kill you.

And then the uninvited guest comes into play. Besides, that there is incredibly little loot here, and some game-breaking items such as a gun, revolver or warm clothing, completely removed, one of the main features of this complexity – gradual complication of the game. The weather will get worse and worse every day, branches for fuel will fall less, and the number of animals will decrease. Go outside after 100+ days of survival on NG and not see a blizzard – very rare occurrence. That is why survival on this difficulty is the most interesting – because it will always be hard, and the moment, after which you will not be afraid of anything, will never come.

Note: this guide is aimed at those, who knows little about the Intruder, or even plans to play on it for the first time. For experienced survivalists, this guide will not present any new information..

Items, unavailable on NG

As stated earlier, some items on this difficulty you will not find, wherever they loot. Most of these items give the player huge benefits., and removing them will make survival much more difficult, but also more interesting.

List of deleted items:
  • Weapons and tools
  • Gun
  • Revolver
  • Ax
  • Hunting knife
  • Onion (can still be crafted)
  • Food
  • Army IRP
  • clothing
  • Moose Hide Bag (in DTR)
  • Balaklava
  • Long wool scarf
  • Fleece hood
  • Wool scarf
  • Ski gloves
  • Mittens
  • City park
  • Sailor jacket
  • Camping park
  • Old fashioned parka
  • Overcoat
  • Ethnic sweater
  • Woolen shirt
  • Thick wool sweater
  • Winter pants
  • Work pants
  • Woolen pants
  • Climbing socks
  • Ski boots
  • Rubberized shoes
  • High fur boots
  • Climbing boots

These items cannot be found on the Uninvited Guest..

Items, necessary for good survival

If you want to ensure yourself a good stable survival, you must definitely pick up the indicated items and always have them with you or at the base, even if they seem useless to you:

  • matches / flint / magnifier
  • sleeping bag
  • blacksmith's hammer
  • a lot of coal
  • hacksaw (or a lot of metal, if the hacksaw could not be found)
  • 2-3 maple trees (if you find a hacksaw)
  • as many birch trees as possible (if you find a hacksaw)

These items will help you in the future.

Before survival begins

Before starting a new game, we will be asked to choose feats. On the difficulty level, Intruder, you can only select 2 feat. The following are the most beneficial:

Cold fusion

Gives a constant increase in the perceived temperature in +2 degrees. In words, it looks like a very small thing., but on the Uninvited Guest, every degree of heat is incredibly important, and this feat gives as many as two, so also without any fines. The best choice for NG.

(To unlock, you need to live 100 days outdoors)

Like a clock

Reduces the waste of calories 10%. Similar to the past feat, value in 10% looks very insignificant, however, there are a lot of problems with food on NG, and you need to save calories as much as possible. This feat will slightly simplify your already difficult survival..

(To unlock, you need to live 500 days)

Campfire Expert

The bonfire skill will be upgraded to 3 level initially. Unlike the past two feats, this one will sooner or later lose its relevance. The main reason to take this feat, I play NG, this is highly strong simplification of the first stages of survival. At the beginning of the game, you will not have a single match, and you won't be able to make a fire. When will you manage to find at least one box, you will have to save it as much as possible, after all, matches are very rare on NG. Thanks to 3 skill level, you don't need tinder when lighting a fire, as well as the chance of successful ignition will be higher – +65% instead +40% on 1 skill level.

(Kindle is required to unlock 1000 bonfires)

If you do not have any of these feats, or none at all, then take from those that are. Any bonuses, even the most insignificant, will be useful.

Choosing a starting location

Unlike other survival levels, on NG, the player cannot independently choose the starting location. The game automatically starts survival in one of the following locations:

  • Pleasant Valley;
  • Wolf Mountain;
  • Desolation zone;
  • Lonely swamp;
  • Valley of the Silent River;
  • Ash canyon.

(What's remarkable, spawn places on NG are completely different, than on other difficulty levels, therefore it is useless to check your spawn location, using community maps – they show spawn locations for other difficulties.)

If you want to ensure your long and reliable survival, a good solution would be to recreate it, until you find yourself in a good location. Let's analyze all the places where the player appears.

I will not disassemble the ash canyon, since the location is completely new, and many, me too, know very little about her.

Valley of the Quiet River and Wolf Mountain

If at the start you get to one of these locations – you can safely restart survival. IN 95% cases, when starting at these locations on NG, you will die in the first 10-15 minutes of play. Severe weather, the abundance of predators and the almost complete absence of buildings and loot provide the player with a sure and quick death.

The Lonely Swamp and the Desolation Zone

Relatively good spawn spots.

When you appear in the Lonely Swamp, you should immediately run to the Mysterious Lake, at what, which is ironic, in most cases, you will spawn at the other end of the location, next to the transition to the Broken Railroad. In spite of this, you must run to the Mysterious Lake as quickly as possible, on the way, looking at the Poachers Camp. After crossing to the lake, the safest way is to go to the Administration of the camp site., and then substantiate the main base there.

If you appear in the Desolation Zone, then most likely you will find yourself on the outskirts of the location, closer to the ocean. In this case, it would be wise to first look at the Whaling Ship and the Whaling Station, however, be careful. A bear often roams around the ship, and wolves run all over the territory near the station and its districts. You can use the Lighthouse as a temporary shelter, however use it as a permanent base, how to survive at all in this location, highly undesirable. Few buildings, loot and food will quickly force you to leave it. The only available exit is hello to the Coastal Highway – very rich in loot location, where it will already be possible to organize the base.

Pleasant Valley

The best possible start – appearance in this location.

I strongly advise you to restart survival, until you are here. This will greatly simplify the beginning of the game and help you gain a foothold in your survival..

Continuation of the guide will describe survival, starting from this location.

Survival progress

Consider survival on NG with one of the best possible spawns.

Stage 1: The first steps

so, after so many restarts, you finally find yourself in the Otradnaya Valley. You are wearing only light clothes, no food and water, exactly like matches or a sleeping bag. Most of the time you will spawn in the mountains, not far from the transition to Wolf Mountain. In this case, it would be wise to climb higher and look around., to understand your location. If you're lucky, Skitter's Crest will be near you, near which the plane crash site is located. In this case, you need to run to the plane as quickly as possible and collect everything you can. EVERYTHING. Even twigs, lying on the ground, or a smelly cap with 1% strength. Any loot will come in handy now. Loot the plane crash site, and do not forget to monitor the temperature. In the best case, it will decrease at a rate of two arrows, but most often in all three.

Advice: if you started the game, and immediately there was a sunset or a blizzard, it is worth restarting survival, as if you continue, you will get a lot of damage, up to frostbite, which will greatly complicate the already difficult start.

After flipping the plane, you will definitely get a lot of clothes. Found clothes should be put on instantly, if it is better than the current one or if the slot is not occupied by anything. After that, you should look into the Cave on the Scorched Ridge. There will almost always be a container and a backpack., in which, if you're lucky, matches can be found. By this time, you will probably be hypothermic., so we run towards the exit to Skitter's Ridge. But be careful, a bear often walks near the plane door. Heading to Skitter's Ridge, we wander the districts, and go to the basement.

If it gets dark outside, then in the basement we will arrange our first refuge. Unfortunately, we don't have a sleeping bag, so instead of sleeping you have to wait. It will be useful to break boxes and boxes nearby., even if it takes a very long time, as well as peel off the basement itself. If you find a lot of unnecessary bad clothes, you can take it apart into fabric. If you go outside now, you will surely get lost and die, so it's better not to risk it.

Advice: if you're lucky, and you found a sewing kit, then be sure to craft homemade hand and head windings. They will cover them from frostbite and give a small increase in heat..

If you dumped the basement in the daytime, or waited for the night in it, then you should go down the mountain. There are two ways to do this. – head to the Scorched Ridge Cave, and descend through the fallen trees, or gently and leisurely descend along the mountain directly from the Skitter Ridge. Be very careful, as in the event of an unsuccessful descent, you can receive damage or even dislocation. After the descent, we head left, to the Dodger's house. Here you can finally find the long-awaited bed, where fatigue can be restored.

Advice: a bed in the form of a bed can also be found in the Burnt Ridge Cave, however it is not recommended to sleep there, due to low temperature.

If you are lucky, and you have already found matches, it is worth making a fire near the house and preparing the water. If there are no matches, and the found soda has long been drunk, have to endure thirst. You will restore fatigue and temperature in the Dodger's house, and hunger can be slightly replenished, collecting Timofeyevka along the river, not far from the house. After that, how do you correct the characteristics, it's time to head to the Farmhouse. We leave the house, we reach the river and turn right. Go to the fork, where you turn in a new direction. Be sure to collect Timofeyevka, and look at the right bank. Sooner or later, you will notice a tall silo tower and the house itself. Heading towards them. You should be careful, since wolves and a bear often roam in the neighborhoods of the house. Once in the house, completely loot it, find some food, as well as collecting water from two toilets. In total, you will receive about 3 liters of water, what is enough for you for a while. In the Farmhouse, you can relax and replenish the characteristics.

If you are sure, that you can survive here, a good solution would be to stay here forever, and organize a permanent base in this house. But I would not advise doing this, as Otradnaya Valley is famous for its terrible weather and frequent snowstorms. But if you want more reliable survival, then must head to Mysterious Lake, namely to the Administration of the camp site. This building is the undisputed leader among all potential bases., due to the presence of ovens, workbench, fish houses, animals and their location. It is there that you should justify your permanent base.. In this case, we wait until dawn, and leave the Farmhouse.

Stage 2 : Path to the Mysterious Lake

The fastest way to Lake Mystery

We are heading along the path towards the road, Along the way, beware of the possible presence of wolves or a bear. Towards the end of the path we will find the Barn. You can patch it up, however, there is almost no loot on NG. We go out onto the road and turn left. Go ahead, until we reach the bridge. We go down to the river and walk along its right bank, collecting Timofeyevka along the way. When will we see the bridge, we go ashore, and I go upstairs. Caution, a bear can roam in these places. When we reach the mountain, then we are looking for a ledge, going up. We climb it and find the entrance to the cave..

We go through the cave. The temperature inside is higher than outside, and along the way you can find useful things. Although it will be creepy, but you shouldn't be afraid. The cave is completely safe, not counting the high ledges, in which you can fall and get injured.

Advice: if everything is fine with your temperature, don't rush and run. Save stamina as much as possible. The nearest bed is not close, and fatigue will not be restored soon.

There will be a backpack in one of the rooms of the cave., where you can find matches. Closer to the middle of the cave, we find ourselves in a large open room. Let's go down, and go to the far passage. We will meet a lot of coal along the way. Try to get more of it, but at the same time don't overdo it – coal weighs a lot. Thanks to coal, you can provide yourself with a stable source of food in the future.. Continuing along the cave, soon we find a way out. After leaving, we find ourselves in a sub-location Winding river.

By this time, you will probably have problems with fever and fatigue.. Thirst can be quenched with water, obtained from the Farmhouse, or self-melted, if you find matches. To satisfy your hunger, collect Timofeyevka, which this location is full of.

Advice: when you find corpses, necessarily collect all feathers, lying around. You don't need them now, but in the future, thanks to them, you will be able to steadily obtain food.

We go along the river, be sure to collect Timofeefka. Besides, that she gives tinder and food, its fruits never spoil. Soon we will reach the huge dam of the hydroelectric station “Carter”. We go along the left side, and beware of the wolf. At this location, he is only one, but always at the end of the river from the side of the dam. Trying not to attract his attention, and looking for a climb up from the left side. We go along the path and climb the dam. We come to its edge, we climb the ledge and walk along it to the other side. There will be a door, inside the hydroelectric power station.

It's quite warm inside the hydroelectric power station, there is also a relatively large amount of loot. If you are lucky, and it is light now, then we loot everything we can and move along the hydroelectric power station. If it's dark now, peeling will have to be postponed for later. Moving around the hydroelectric power station from memory. If you have matches or fire, do not use them for lighting. They can help you a lot in the future.. Reaching the end of the lower dam, we go up to the top, and then to the exit outside.

Advice: if it happened, that you got into the hydroelectric power station during the Northern Lights, be extremely careful on the upper dam. There are a lot of exposed wires in her workshop., which during the shine will be tense. If you touch such a wire, the character will be burned and damaged.

And so, we are finally at the Mysterious Lake.

After going outside, your fatigue will surely be devastated, but it's not scary. It will be possible to rest very soon. We go along the territory of the hydroelectric power station, open the gate, and in front of us we see three trailers. Two of them have beds. We go into one of the trailers, drinking water from the Farmhouse, we finish Timofeyevka, and go to bed, timing your wake up at dawn. After sleep, we leave the trailers, loot the other two, and head to the Administration of the camp site.

Optimal path to the Administration

Advice: be careful. If near the trailers you see trees with worn bark – there may be an elk nearby. Now we categorically would not like to meet with him., therefore, in the case of detecting such trees, you should be extremely careful and careful.

We go along the river, be sure to collect Timofeyevka. About halfway along the way, we come across a clearing with a hunting ambush. It is worth it to be wrapped – there may lie sleeping bag. The cave opposite is not worth looting – there is nothing there. We'll be out to the lake soon. We turn right and walk along the coast. And after a while, we will see her – Administration of the camp site.

Stage 3 : Ensuring long-term survival

Once in the Administration, it could be considered, that survival began successfully. If you have found a sleeping bag by now, matches, or fiery – all just great. Inside the building, you should carefully search the corner of the second floor., leading up the stairs, not far from the table with the lamp. There may be a magnifying glass on the floor.

Advice: if you find a magnifying glass on NG – count, long survival is guaranteed.

But if you don't have anything, with which you could kindle a fire, then you have problems. By this point, you must have a great thirst., and without matches it will not be so easy to quench it. Now, you must give up all your efforts to find the means to ignite. Even one box of matches will make your survival incredibly easy..

Finding means for lighting fires

1) Magnifying glassallows you to start a fire, but only outside and in clear weather. The main feature of this item, which makes it simply necessary for survival, It `s that, that when using the magnifier does not waste strength. This gives the player the ability to start a fire an infinite number of times..

Where can you find a magnifying glass on Mysterious Lake:

Forester's house – large orange tower, standing on a hill. You can get on it from the side of the Logging site., which you can get into, turning left after the red trailers, walking by rail towards the hydroelectric power station. The magnifying glass can lie near the bed.

Trapper's house – house on the outskirts of the location, next to the aisle to Milton. You can get to him, turning left after exiting the Lonely Swamp, and walking along the mountain to the meadow, near which the house will stand.

Administration of the camp site – if you are very lucky, the magnifying glass will be located right at your base. It is already written above where she can lie.

A magnifier should be looked for very carefully., as it is extremely difficult to notice.

2) Fire – works exactly the same as matches, but has strength. Also gives 10% bonus to the chance of successfully lighting a fire. Spends per use 2% strength, making flint an excellent source of fire, but not endless, as soon the strength will end.

Where can you find flint on Mysterious Lake:

Unnamed pond, hunting ambush – unnamed pond is found not far from the Trapper's house. You should be very careful, since right next to the pond there is a bear den, and the bear himself very often patrols the territory of the pond. Flame can lie inside a hunting lodge.

Cave next to Lake View – to get into this cave, need to go back to the river, leading to the hydroelectric power station “Carter”. Walk along it, and look to the left bank. You will soon see a hanging cable. We climb up on it, and then one more. We fall into the clearing, on which a lot of rabbits run, the corpse of a deer lies, and a beautiful view of the whole lake opens. There will be a cave not far from the glade, in which flint may be. There may also be an emergency lamp..

3) Matches – the most common source of fire. It is important to consider, that matches are made of wood and cardboard. Wood has a higher chance of lighting a fire, than cardboard. Therefore, in case you need to temporarily illuminate the area and at the same time there will be a large supply of matches, use only cardboard. Wooden ones should go exclusively to lighting a fire.

Where to find matches on the Mysterious Lake:

Backpacks – in any a backpack with some chance of finding a box of wooden matches.

HPP “Carter”, on metal shelves – matches are often found inside the hydroelectric power station, lying on the shelves. Explore carefully, as sometimes they can be well hidden.

Fishing houses – there are several fishing houses on the Mysterious Lake. Be sure to research each, since in addition to matches, there may be a sleeping bag inside.

Trapper's house, around the stove – inside the trapper's house, on or under the stove.

Forester's house, around the stove – inside the forester's house, on or under the stove.


so, you found the means to ignite the fire. Thereby, you will no longer have problems with water. What can not be said about food. For the first time, you can continue to eat Timofeyevka. Good, the lake is full of it. Also, during house searches, you can sometimes find normal food.. But soon it will be over, and have to hunt. Since we have no weapons yet, then there is no question of any deer. But we can safely catch rabbits. There are three ways to catch them..

1) The most standard. Need to pick up a pebble, take it in hand, aim the rabbit, and throw right on target. When aiming, focus on the character's index finger. The pebble will fly to the exact place, where the finger was pointing. If all goes well, the rabbit will fall to the ground for a couple of seconds. At this time, you need to run up to him as quickly as possible and grab. The player will have a choice, kill or let go. If we weren't playing on the Intruder, could have let go. But the rabbit was out of luck.

2) A rather controversial and inconvenient way – use snares. Snares are crafted from wood and dried guts, which can be obtained from previously mined rabbit. The snares must be placed on the ground, and either drive the rabbit there yourself, or just wait.

3) Dangerous, but an efficient way – set a wolf on a rabbit. To do this, you need to approach the wolf like this, to start chasing the player. After that, you need to take him to a clearing with rabbits., and approach one of them. IN 95% cases, the wolf will forget about the player and rush at the rabbit, killing him instantly. Here is an important point: after being caught, the wolf will immediately begin to eat the rabbit, and if you don't stop it, then nothing will be left of the mascara. Therefore, you need to scare the wolf before it eats the carcass.. To do this, you can simply throw a pebble at him.. He'll get scared and run away, and you can pick up the carcass without any problems. But be careful, since with a small chance the wolf can ignore your intimidation, and rush to attack.

Advice: using the third method, you can even hunt deer, but there may be problems with cutting the carcass of a deer, since we don't have any tools yet. We'll have to butcher the carcass with our bare hands, which will take a lot of time and will significantly spoil your health. In this case, be sure to make a fire next to you and the carcass, which is enough for the whole time of cutting. The fire will keep you warm, will not let the carcass freeze, as well as scare off potential predators.

Rabbit meat, sure, do not eat, but anything is better than nothing. In addition, intestines and their skins can be obtained from rabbit carcasses.. Guts are needed for almost every clothing crafting, and the skins are useful for that, to make the best gloves and hat for NG.

Advice: if you manage to dry one unit of guts and find one metal, you can make a fishing rod. Fishing rods can be found in the nearby fishermen's houses.

There is water, there is food, the house is warm and you can sleep. Everything starts to improve. It's time to explore the location. The first step is to search all the fishing houses., as well as houses on the other side of the lake. You can't find any special things in them. (except sleeping bag, which sometimes appears in fishermen's houses), but useful things like fuel or food are often found inside. Next, you should head to the Trapper's House. Examining it, you can walk to the Nameless Pond, and then go towards the Forester's House. On the way, you will meet a house, next to which there will be a village toilet. There is often a nail puller near the toilet.. Also, you will probably notice another tower near the Forester's House., but already destroyed. We rise to her, and we can find useful loot there, e.g. cable. We rise to the House of the Forester, and we search it. Let's go down, and find red trailers. Useful items may lie next to them., e.g. emergency light. We go further along the railway and we meet a yellow trailer. You can find something useful inside. We go to the end of the railway, and we search both dams of the hydroelectric power station “Carter”, if you haven't already.

Congratulations, you have searched all the important places of the Mysterious Lake.

Stage 4 : Hunting

At the moment, we have only two global problems left. – lack of proper clothing and a stable source of satisfying food. The best clothing possible for NG is self-crafting with skins and guts.. Besides them, when cutting carcasses, the player receives meat, which can eat. Output: for long-term survival, we have to hunt.

Since the gun and revolver are not available on NG, the only remaining weapon for the hunt – onion (we don't count the flare gun, since it is pointless to spend it on hunting). To craft a bow, we need two pieces of dried guts and a dried maple tree. But there is a huge problem here.. Problem, due to which the creation of the bow is delayed for a very long time. The bow is created with the tool – knife or ax. But since the hunting knife and hatchet are not available on NG, we are forced to craft their homemade versions of metal on the forge. The situation is the same with arrows., without which the bow will not shoot. Their tips are also made of metal on a forge.. If by this moment you have managed to find a hacksaw – you are incredibly lucky. If not, you have to look for metal, scattered throughout the location, or look for the hacksaw itself. The hacksaw can disassemble metal objects into metal (on HPP “Carter” there are a lot of them), and in general will serve as an excellent tool for breaking furniture for the first time. Besides, for forging you will need another blacksmith's hammer.

Hacksaw in Mysterious Lake can be found in the Trapper's House, or in a hunting ambush on the Nameless Pond.

Blacksmith hammer in Mysterious Lake can be found in the Forester's House on a bench or table, at the Trapper's House at the workbench or in the Administration of the camp site at the workbench.

As soon as the player obtains a blacksmith hammer, enough metal (3 on a knife, 5 on an ax, 1 two arrowheads), some fabric, and also enough coal (about 10 pieces), you can go to the forge. The forge closest to us is in the Lonely Marsh, on the farm of old Spence. Stocking up on food and water, sleep well, and hit the road.

After crossing the Lonely Marsh, turn left and head towards the farm.

Advice: be extremely careful on your way to the farm – in addition to the abundance of predators, this location is full of thin ice. If the character falls through the ice, it will freeze the clothes a lot and completely empty the heat scale.

We go along the mountain, and soon we find ourselves in a clearing. In the distance we see a radio tower – us to her. As soon as we approach the tower, then we turn to the right and move on. There will be a hunting ambush nearby. Go further, and soon we will see several houses. Most likely, they will all be destroyed. We pass through the bridge, and finally we get to the farm. be careful, the area is full of wolves.

Advice: if you sit down, it will be much more difficult for predators to spot you.

We approach the building with a horn, we search him, and then we find the bugle itself. To make products, you need to light a fire in the furnace and disperse it to a temperature of 150 degrees. This is where coal will help, which we collected before. We throw in the coals one by one and wait until the temperature reaches 150 degrees. After that we click on the bugle, and we make things. Don't worry about temperature, the heat of the forge is enough for that, so you don't freeze.

Important: even if you throw inside the bugle 100 pieces of coal, burning time will still not be able to exceed the limit in 12 hours. Watch it.

so. we made a homemade knife, ax, and a few tips (12 burning hours is enough for a knife, ax and 8-10 handpieces). You can return to base.

But that's not the end of the problem. For onions, as for arrows, need trees. And for onions maple, and for arrows birch. If you are lucky and you have previously found a hacksaw, then they probably cut down a couple of trees. If not, will have to look for them and chop them with a new hatchet.

Maple trees can be found:

  • not far from the Observation Point
  • not far from the House
  • opposite the logging station
  • by the river, at the railway bridge
  • between Trap Zone and Frozen Stream

Birch trees can be found:

  • on the way from the Logging site to the Observation Point
  • between Alan's Cave and the River (South coast)
  • on the way from the Nameless Pond to the Trapper's House
  • on the way from Max's Last Stop to the Railway Tunnel

Maple trees need pieces 2-3, and as many birch trees as possible. Once received, they should be dried indoors..

so, all is ready. We approach the workbench, and get it out 1 dried maple tree, 2 pieces of dried intestines, and with a knife we ​​spend 6.5 hours to create a bow. Then we take one birch tree, and with a knife we ​​spend 38 minutes to create three boom bases. And at the end, take the base of the arrow, tip, and 3 pen. Using conventional or quality tools ( you can do it with your hands, but for a very long time) create an arrow. Done.

Now you can call yourself a real hunter. Yes, bow is far from the most convenient way to hunt, but on NG this is the only way to provide yourself with meat and animal skins.

Advice: arrows – far from a one-off thing. Arrow spends a certain percentage of durability each time it is used., and this percentage depends on the surface, hit by an arrow. Below is a table with the Russian-language wiki for the game. If the strength of the arrow drops to 0%, then it will turn into a broken arrow. The only thing you can do with it – disassemble, while receiving 2 pen.

Stage 5 : Free survival

Now, we have a lot of things, which will help in survival:

  • water, which will be until then, while there is something to light the fire (always, if you have a magnifier)
  • food, which can be obtained relatively stably, hunting animals
  • skins, which can be used to create warm clothes
  • cozy base, where you can always sleep well

This completes the basics of survival.. Further survival depends entirely on your desires.. Can, you will want to return to the Pleasant Valley, and then climb Wolf Mountain for the containers. Or suddenly want to move to the Garage on the Coastal Highway. Now all the basic parameters – fatigue, temperature, food and water – can be easily filled. Therefore, there should be no more special problems.. However, the Intruder is not in vain the hardest game mode. Soon there will be less production, the weather will get worse. By this time you need to prepare well: make warm clothes, prepare food and water supplies, as well as medicines in case of unforeseen events. It only remains to wait…

And remember, You will not be able to survive indefinitely in the Mysterious Lake. After a while, each location will completely become obsolete., and you will be forced to move. Other base locations, in which you can move:

Great base locations:

  • Pleasant Valley – farm house
  • Coastal highway – garage
  • Milton – House of the Gray Mother

Medium base locations:

  • Ash canyon – asylum foreman
  • Desolation zone – lighthouse
  • Broken railroad – hunting lodge

Bad places for bases:

  • Pale bay – any building
  • “Raven waterfalls” – cave in the Gorge
  • Wolf Mountain – climber's hut

There are no places for bases at all:

  • Lonely swamp
  • Valley of the Silent River

Besides, there are many transitional locations in the game, however, it is not recommended to survive on them due to the small amount of fauna and loot.

Useful Tips : further survival (Mysterious lake)

1) If you have a sleeping bag with you, it will be extremely useful to run to Milton, search a gas station, houses, House of the Gray Mother, and the farm. After that, you will definitely get a good supply of food., which will last for a few days.

2) It will be very good, if you run away to the Broken Railroad, go down the gorge, and take the flare gun. They shouldn't kill animals, however, always carry it with you, or better yet in the hands. Flare gun – the only thing in the game, able to scare off an attacking bear or elk. The only problem – shells to it do not resume. However, another case with a pistol and shells is located on the top of Wolf Mountain.

3) Forget about the existence of such a location, like the Valley of the Silent River. The only thing, what's interesting about her – this is a ready-made moose hide bag, which is absent on NG, which completely deprives the location of its meaning.

4) But it's worth running to Ash Canyon. Only here you can find climbing crampons, or more importantly, improved backpack. But take your time, expedition to this cave – very difficult and dangerous occupation. You must be as prepared as possible before heading there..

5) Don't forget about claustrophobia – always take note of the caves, where you can wait it out, and equip them in advance. By the way, you can't get claustrophobic before 12 day, even if you are at risk of claustrophobia.

6) Use bait – for this it will be useful to leave small pieces of meat. In the event of an attack by a predator, you can try to distract him with meat.

7) But don't forget the smell – even one odor scale greatly increases the detection radius of predators, and three scales increase their detection radius to almost a quarter of the map.

8) Don't risk hunting moose – unlike all other animals, the moose does not bleed, what is the main advantage of bow hunting. Even a bear will die sooner or later at the slightest hit of an arrow, but no elk. Think three times, before you hunt moose with bow.

9) Don't even try to search for Bunkers – on NG they are not present. The only bunker, which is on NG – This is the Forgotten Survival Reserve, but there is very little loot.

10) Not worth going to Pale Bay. Its main purpose – craft cartridges – we are not interested, and the forest wolves living there will tear the character to shreds.

11) After a very long survival, the weather will become very harsh, so stock up on warm clothes as soon as possible.

12) Always think ahead of your travel plan for long journeys. – no improvisation.

Useful Tips : supplies
1) Never use newspapers and reams of paper as tinder – they can be turned into a few ordinary tinder, thereby increasing the number of available fires.

2) Always take coffee or tea, if you find. Coffee restores the fatigue scale and temporarily reduces the rate at which it falls, and tea will help restore health, if you drink it before bed.

3 Make the most of your first aid syringes. Use it only in last resort, for example after a bear attack, or if you feel, that you will not have time to reach shelter in a blizzard, before you die of hypothermia.

4) Always harvest birch bark – it will help restore health.

5) If you have large food supplies – try to eat Timothy and salty crackers last, because they never go bad.

6) In order to slightly replenish the hunger scale in the early stages of the game, you can drink healing teas, such as Reishi tea or rosehip tea. In addition to thirst, they will restore a little and the hunger scale..

Useful Tips : skills

The Long Dark has 6 core skills, one of which is not at all interesting to us on NG, namely gun shooting. Remaining skills:

  • Butchering carcasses
  • Cooking
  • Lighting fire
  • Ice fishing
  • Archery

Some are more useful than others., some are practically useless. Consider the top 5 skills, which need to be pumped while playing on NG.

(Tables are taken from the Russian-language wiki)

5 a place – Ice fishing

Fishing – highly controversial way of obtaining food. During the fishing process, the passage of time is greatly accelerated, and situations are not uncommon, when the hunger scale is empty and empty, but the fish doesn’t bite. Sure, if you upgrade your fishing skill, the situation may change, but pumping this skill is very difficult, but it is of little use.

Advice: when frying fish, in addition to meat, you get some more fat, which can be used as fuel for a lamp.

4 a place – Lighting fire

At the beginning of the game, the player has huge problems with making fire, however sooner or later he will find matches, fire, or even a magnifying glass, and the fire will start without any problems. Yes, sometimes annoying when the fire cannot be successfully lit several times in a row, but nonetheless, deliberately pumping this skill does not make much sense.

Advice: before the start of survival, you can activate the feat Expert in bonfires, and start right away with 3 skill level.

3 a place – Butchering carcasses

Butchering carcasses – mandatory process, without which no hunt goes. Increasing the level of this skill will allow you to cut carcasses faster., and at high levels, even ignore its freezing. In addition, there is a way, how can you pump this skill very quickly.

Advice: as soon as you are ready to butcher the carcass, prepare for cutting only 0.5 kilogram of meat, and press the carve button. As soon as the process starts, wait a couple of seconds, and press Esc. The character will cut about 0.1 kilogram of meat, but at the same time he will receive the same amount of experience for cutting, how much and if cut off everything 20 kilogram of carcass meat at once. Moreover, these small pieces of meat will help us to pump another skill.

2 a place – Archery

Archery – quite difficult task, due to the fact that it is much more difficult for them to aim, than a revolver or a gun. Thanks to the pumping of this skill, the character will feel more confident when shooting and will unlock special abilities, and the bow will become a more deadly weapon. On 5 skill level, the character will be able to shoot from a sitting position, which will greatly facilitate deer hunting, since when shooting while standing, the deer immediately notice the player and begin to run away. Without this skill, you often have to aim and shoot from afar., which can cause big problems.

Advice: archery skill is also pumped when creating arrows.

1 a place – Cooking

Skill, speeds up cooking and slows down food spoilage. But why is he on 1 location? It's all about 5 cooking level. Upon reaching it, the character gains immunity to food poisoning, which allows him to eat foods of any degree of spoilage, and most importantly – immunity to intestinal parasites, which allows him to eat the meat of predators, which was previously inedible. Thanks to this, the character's diet in addition to deer meat, rabbit and elk, replenished with more wolf and bear meat, which greatly simplifies nutrition.

Advice: to quickly pump up your cooking, we need small pieces of meat, which we cut during butchering carcasses. You also need a plate with as many places as possible., preferably maximum – with six. Putting our pieces of meat in their places, wait a couple of minutes, and the meat is ready. There is very little of it, but the game takes into account the experience gained in the same way, as well as for a full piece of meat in 1 kilogram. Take as an example a carcass in 12 kilogram. With the usual cutting, we get 12 large pieces of meat in 1 kilogram each, having prepared which we will pump cooking 12 time. For fine cutting, we will get whole 120 pieces of meat in 0.1 kilogram each, prepare them, we get the same amount of food, but let's pump up the Cooking 120 time. We repeat the process until then, until we get 5 skill level.

Useful Tips : saving

Lighting bonfires

1) When lighting a fire, you will waste a match even if ignition fails. It can be prevented, using the torch. When lighting the torch, a match is consumed, and the fire is ignited guaranteed. In this way, you can take a torch, light it up, spending a match, and then light a fire, using a burning torch as a means for igniting.

2) If your campfire has a lot of burning time left, but you want to get away from him, get as many torches out of it as you can. Put out everything, except the last. Carry the last burning torch in your hands,and as soon as its burning period comes to an end, right click to throw it to the ground, then take the next torch, walk up to the burning, and light them a new one. This way you can move the fire until, until you run out of torch.

3) Although the fisherman's house is a building, the game doesn't think so, therefore allows you to light a fire in the stove of the house with a magnifying glass. This saves matches., going out into the house and lighting a fire there with a magnifying glass.


If you have nothing to do with yourself, and you shouldn't go outside because of bad weather, disassemble unwanted clothes into fabric, fix tools, sharpen a knife and an ax, disassemble unnecessary furniture.


1) Try to store food outdoors, for example, on the porch of the Administration of the camp site. Thanks to this, it will deteriorate much more slowly..

2) Always Eat Low Quality Foods First. This way you won't let them go bad. However, be careful – if the food quality is lower 30%, then you can get food poisoning.

3) When frying meat, it gets an increase in quality of about 30%. In this way, if you have a piece of expired meat with 15%, after frying, it will become a piece of fried meat in 45%, thereby allowing you to eat it calmly and without fear.


1) With a strong overload, the fatigue scale when walking will decrease at a speed of two arrows, instead of one as usual. Watch out for congestion.

2) If your temperature is quite calm (0 or 1 down arrow), you shouldn't run. You can cover a much greater distance on foot, spending less fatigue. If the temperature is low and quickly lowers the scale, do not hesitate to run – an empty temperature scale lowers health much more (4% per hour), than an empty scale of fatigue (1% per hour).

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  1. Everything is awesome, but how to get into the cave on the initial floor to change the location, if there are no matches? In the dark it will be impossible to get out of it in the right direction. Remains to pray for the beacon torch, luckyly handpicked in the Desolation Zone.

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