Underworld Idle Secrets or Why Your Progress Has Stalled

Underworld Idle Secrets or Why Your Progress Has Stalled.


Underworld Idle Secrets or Why Your Progress Has Stalled.

In the reviews for the game and on the forum, I read complaints about the difficulty of pumping, even for that, that donation does not help to progress faster. You're right, donate will help to pump part of the game, but not all, further tactics are needed, and not donat.

The first week I myself was at a loss: why at one point the game stopped in progress and does not move further, although I have learned practically 90% contracts and it seems that there is nothing to improve for progress?

In fact, this is the mistake of most players., who played Clicker Heroes before 1 or Adventure Capitalist or other similar games. One scheme everywhere: on the left you are provided with heroes, which open gradually as you progress. Everytime, to unlock the next hero , you need to invest more and more resources and power-ups, which you: but) accumulate over time, b) you get through permanent prestige.

This is how such idlers work.: day-week-month you are constantly making prestige and moving on and on, until you unlock all the heroes and finish the game.

But the problem is, that this game has different rules and playing according to the above scheme you will never finish the game.

In fact, everything, what i described above, only affects one faction in this game – first faction – demon factions. This is the way to play this faction: constantly make prestige, here it is called a boiler explosion- study contracts for prestige, making demons stronger and stronger and opening more and more demons in the next races.

The main rule in pumping the demon faction: you need to determine the most effective boilers explosion rate for you personally. Minimum amount of ash for a boiler explosion – 75. Write down the time, for which you type 75 ash-90 ash-110 ash and so on. Divide the amount of time spent by the amount of ash received during this time and choose for yourself the FASTEST way of farming ashes per unit of time. And use this one constantly, everyday, until you pump all contracts.

This is where the similarities between this game and other idlers end..

Because in the game , except for the demon faction, there is still a minimum 3 factions: undead drowning warlocks.

And these factions will NOT develop according to the scheme of demons: invest maximum resources in the lower hero, the next hero opens. NOT, so these factions don't work, by this scheme, you will stop in progress.

EVEN if you pump all contracts to the maximum, you will not be able to advance further in the game by a millimeter.

Because the rest of the factions evolve through certain tactics, which imply step by step in moving towards the goal.

Different rules work here:
1) You cannot use all resources to the maximum as you did when pumping demons. for example: if in the drowning faction you pump the first hero – Leviathan, for maximum resources, you will thus simply stop progressing and will not be able to open the dark obelisk in the undead faction. Because you will have nowhere to take a huge amount of waste, necessary for this task.

2) Starting from the second faction after demons – faction of the undead, and further, on other factions, analyze tasks carefully ( building a dark obelisk near the undead- access to the depth at the drowned – unlocking warlocks through dark mana). For all these tasks, you will need to understand how to accumulate the necessary resources in the right amount..
Each of these tasks is performed in a different way., but they are all related to the correct accumulation of resources, which are spent on hiring faction heroes.

Each of these tasks is a separate task with its own tactics and ways to achieve the goal.. Each of them is a test of ingenuity and understanding of the rules of collecting resources in this game.. Buy heroes for all resources, as in the demon faction, will not work.

In a nearby guide, I described in detail, how to build a dark obelisk for the undead faction. There you can understand more about the difference between pumping the first faction., demons, from other factions.
What, eg, stand 2000 manual clicks for hiring 2000 red herring, because autoclickers in the game do not work, and mechanically you can buy either one herring or the maximum amount of herring. Buying the maximum amount of herring will instantly destroy your progress towards the construction of the dark obelisk. And there are a lot of such nuances..

This all makes the game unusual., interesting, not like ordinary monotonous idlers.

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