Portal 2 Console Commands 2021

This guide is a translation of this guide. – https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2101027521



Before you can do anything on this list, you need to enter “sv_cheats 1” to the console. If you don't know, how to open the console, pause the game, go to Settings, go to KEYBOARD / MOUSE and enable the function labeled “Enable debug console.” Now press the ` (under esc), to open the console.


ent_create_portal_weighted_cube – creates a standard cube
ent_create_portal_companion_cube – creates a companion cube
ent_create_portal_reflector_cube – creates a cube of oppression refraction
ent_create_portal_weighted_sphere – creates a rounded cube
ent_create_portal_weighted_antique – creates an old cube
ent_create prop_weighted_cube – creates a cube
ent_create prop_monster_box – creates frankenturel
ent_create prop_scaled_cube – creates a scalable cube (only works in Sixense MotionPack)
ent_create prop_glass_futbol – creates an unused glass ball
ent_create prop_exploding_futbol – creates a bomb, which explodes on contact with the ground
ent_create_paint_bomb_jump – creates a ball of repelling gel
ent_create_paint_bomb_speed – creates a ball of accelerating gel
ent_create_paint_bomb_portal – creates a ball of transforming gel
ent_create_paint_bomb_erase – creates a ball of water
ent_create prop_paint_bomb – creates a ball of gel
ent_create weapon_portalgun – spawns a portal cannon on the floor, which you can pick up
ent_create prop_portal – creates a portal (does not work)
ent_create npc_portal_turret_floor – creates a turret
ent_create npc_hover_turret – creates a floating turret
ent_create npc_rocket_turret – creates a rocket turret (does not work)
ent_create prop_rocket_tripwire – spawns a non-moving turret
ent_create npc_personality_core – creates Wheatley
ent_create prop_glados_core – creates Wheatley without animation, can't take
ent_create prop_personality_sphere – creates Wheatley without animation, you can take
ent_create npc_wheatley_boss – creates Wheatley in GLaDOS body (does not work)
ent_create npc_security_camera – creates a hanging camera
ent_create generic_actor – creates an entity, which makes GLaDOS speak (crashes the game)
ent_create prop_button – creates a button pedestal
ent_create prop_under_button – creates the old button pedestal
ent_create prop_floor_button – creates a superbutton (only works sometimes)
ent_create prop_floor_cube_button – creates a nest for a cube
ent_create prop_floor_ball_button – creates a nest for a rounded cube
ent_create prop_under_floor_button – creates an old superbutton
ent_create prop_testchamber_door – creates a door
ent_create prop_dynamic – creates prop_dynamic
ent_create env_portal_laser – creates a laser
ent_create prop_laser_catcher – creates a laser receiver
ent_create prop_laser_relay – creates a laser repeater
ent_create prop_tractor_beam – creates a levitation beam
ent_create prop_wall_projector – creates a light bridge
ent_create projected_wall_entity – creates a light bridge (creates in a random place)
create_flashlight – creates a flashlight effect
fire_rocket_projectile – launches a rocket
fire_energy_ball – launches an energy ball
prop_physics_create npcs/potatos/world_model/potatos_wmodel – creates Potato (GLaDOS potato_
prop_physics_create props/food_can/food_can_open – creates a can of beans
prop_physics_create npcs/monsters/monster_a_head – creates a frankenturel without a cube
prop_physics_create npcs/monsters/monster_a_cube – creates a headless frankenturel
prop_physics_create player/ballbot/gib_core_ball – creates the head of Atlas
prop_physics_create player/eggbot/gib_core – creates a P-body head
prop_physics_create npcs/turret/turret – creates a turret, can't take
prop_physics_create npcs/turret/turret_skeleton – creates a defective turret
prop_physics_create npcs/turret/turret_backwards – spawns a turret sideways
prop_physics_create npcs/turret/turret_boxed – creates a turret in a box
prop_physics_create props_junk/wood_crate002a – creates a box
prop_physics_create npcs/glados/glados_small_head – creates a small GLaDOS head
prop_physics_create props/lab_chair/lab_chair – creates a laboratory chair
prop_physics_create props/pc_case02/pc_case02 – creates a computer
prop_physics_create props/security_camera – creates a camera
prop_physics_create gibs/hgibs – creates a skull
prop_physics_create props/sphere – creates B E L Y Y SH A R
prop_dynamic_create props_lab/bot_male – creates a mannequin (android)
prop_dynamic_create props/faith_plate – creates a panel of faith
prop_dynamic_create props/fizzler – creates an anti-expropriation field
prop_dynamic_create props_vac_anim/turret_lowres – creates a bad turret
prop_dynamic_create elevator/elevator_b – creates an elevator
prop_dynamic_create elevator/elevator_escape – creates an elevator when escaping (yellow)
prop_dynamic_create elevator/elevator – creates an unused elevator
prop_dynamic_create props/round_elevator_body – creates an elevator from Portal 1
prop_dynamic_create npcs/bird/bird – creates a bird
prop_dynamic_create props_sabotage/bird_nest – creates a bird's nest
prop_dynamic_create npcs/glados/glados_disc – creates one of the large GLaDOS disks
prop_dynamic_create npcs/glados/glados_animation – creates GLaDOS
prop_dynamic_create npcs/glados/glados_head_anim – creates GLaDOS head
prop_dynamic_create npcs/glados/glados_wheatley_newbody – creates GLaDOS Wheatley
prop_dynamic_create npcs/glados/glados_wheatley_boss – creates Whitley Boss
prop_dynamic_create npcs/glados/glados_wheatley_boss_screen – created by Whitley T.V.. mdl prop_dynamic_create npcs/glados/glados_wheatley – creates beta GLaDOS Wheatley
prop_dynamic_create npcs/personality_sphere/personality_sphere_skins – creates damaged modules
prop_dynamic_create npcs/personality_sphere/personality_sphere_50percent – creates a molule
prop_dynamic_create npcs/personality_sphere/personality_sphere_shell – wraps the module
prop_dynamic_create npcs/personality_sphere/personality_sphere_pile – creates a bunch of modules
prop_dynamic_create npcs/turret/turretwife – creates a thick turret
prop_dynamic_create npcs/turret/turret_fx_fizzler – creates a turret from Portal 1
prop_dynamic_create npcs/turret/turret_debris_sml – creates a small broken turret
prop_dynamic_create npcs/turret/turret_debris_med – spawns a bunch of small broken turrets
prop_dynamic_create npcs/turret/turret_debris_lrg – creates a large pile of broken turrets
prop_dynamic_create gladdysdestruction/glados_junk_05_ – creates a Hoop
prop_dynamic_create props_underground/life_preserver – creates a Borealis lifebuoy
prop_dynamic_create props_underground/test_chamber_door – creates an old door
prop_dynamic_create props/portal_door – creates an unused door
prop_dynamic_create props/portaldoor – creates a door from Portal 1 without textures
prop_dynamic_create props_basement/incinerator_hatch – creates an emergency destroyer of sentient beings
prop_dynamic_create props/pedestal_center_reference – creates a portal cannon pedestal
prop_dynamic_create error – creates an erroneous model
prop_dynamic_create anim_wp/cursher/crusher – creates a press
prop_dynamic_create catwalk_destruction/catwalk_fx_c – creates a bridge
prop_dynamic_create props/radio_reference – creates radio, can't take (without music)
prop_dynamic_create props/toilet_body_reference – creates a toilet
prop_dynamic_create props/toilet_lid_reference – creates a toilet lid
prop_dynamic_create props/bed_body_reference – creates a bed
prop_dynamic_create props/table_reference – creates a table
prop_dynamic_create props/combine_ball_launcher – creates an energy ball launcher
prop_dynamic_create props/combine_ball_catcher – creates an energy ball receiver
prop_dynamic_create props_foliage/mall_tree_large01 – creates a tree
prop_dynamic_create player/ballbot/ballbot – creates Atlas
prop_dynamic_create player/eggbot/eggbot – creates P-body
prop_dynamic_create player/chell/player – Chell creates
prop_dynamic_create info_character/info_character_player – creates Bendy
prop_dynamic_create player/chell/roboarm50percent – creates a claw
prop_dynamic_create props_moon/lunar_rover – creates a moonwalker
prop_dynamic_create props_moon/lunar_module – creates a lunar module
prop_dynamic_create props_moon/parts/moon_flag – creates the American flag
prop_dynamic_create stars/allstars – creates stars beyond borders

Environment & Player

noclip – lets you fly
notarget – you become invisible to turrets and cameras
god – makes you invulnerable
buddha – you cannot die, but you get damage
sv_allow_mobile_portals # – allows you to place portals on moving surfaces (0 = off, 1 = incl.)
sv_portal_placement_never_fail # – allows you to place portals on any surface (0 = off, 1 = incl.)
sv_portal_placement_on_paint # – allows you to put portals on the gel (0 = off, 1 = incl.)
sv_portal_placement_never_bump # – allows portals to be layered (0 = off, 1 = incl.)
sv_portal_placement_debug # – places a blue rectangle around the portals (0 = off, 1 = incl.)
pause – pauses the game
unpause – resumes play
showconsole – shows the console
hideconsole – hides the console
clear – clears the console
save – saves the game
stopvideos – stops video, which is being played
ent_info <name> – shows information about the object
ent_remove – removes something, what are you looking at
ent_remove_all <name here> – removes all specified objects
thirdperson – includes a third person view
thirdpersonshoulder – includes a third-person over-the-shoulder view
firstperson – includes first person view
impulse 100 – gives the player a flashlight
impulse 200 – removes the texture of the portal cannon (can shoot)
give_portalgun – gives a gun, which can only fire a blue portal
upgrade_portalgun – upgrades Portal Cannon to double
upgrade_potatogun – attaches the Potato (GLaDOS potatoes) to your gun
viewmodel_offset_x # – moves the portal gun along the x coordinate (0 common, -15 left)
viewmodel_offset_y # – moves the gun along the y-coordinate (0 common)
viewmodel_offset_z # – moves the gun along the z coordinate (0 common)
+remote_view – shows the type of partner
-remote_view – removes the look of a partner
+mouse_menu_playtest – shows ping menu
+right – makes you always turn right
-right – makes you stop turning right
+left – makes you always turn left
-left – makes you stop turning left
+attack – forces you to constantly shoot the main portal
-attack – forces you to constantly shoot the main portal
+attack2 – forces you to constantly shoot the second portal
-attack2 – forces you to constantly shoot the second portal
enable_skeleton_draw # – shows the wireframe of each model (0 = off, 1 = incl.)
change_portalgun_linkage_id # – allows you to place multiple sets of portals (0,1,2,3,)
fadeout – makes the screen black
fadein – makes the screen normal
escape – closes the pause menu
sv_cheats # – includes cheats (0 = off, 1 = incl.)
sv_gravity # – changes gravity (600 common)
sv_voiceenable # – includes voice chat (0 = off, 1 = incl.)
sv_monster_turret_velocity # – changes the speed of the francoturel (100 common)
portals_resizeall # # – resizes portals (32 56 common)
crosshair # – shows the sight (0 = off, 1 = incl.)
mat_fullbright # – turns off shadows (0 = off, 1 = incl.)
mat_showlowresimage # – pixel textures (0 = off, 1 = incl.)
bind <key> <team> – binds a command to a key
unbind <key> – unbinds the command from the specified key
unbindall – unbinds all keys
setmodel <entity name> – makes your entity model (only works with prop_dynamics)
showtriggers_toggle – shows triggers on the map
removeallpaint – removes all gel from the card
snd_playsounds <sound name> – plays the specified sound
crash – crashes the game
quit – out of the game
exit – out of the game
killserver – kills the server
changelevel <card name> – changes the level to the specified card
map <map name here> – loads the specified map
map_background <map name here> – changes the title screen image to the specified map
restart_level – restarts the level
respawn_entities – revives objects, which you deleted, and sets your position at the start of the level
ent_teleport <Player name> – moves your partner to you.
kill <Player name> – kills the specified player
explode – blows up the player
cl_showfps # – shows FPS (0 = off, 1 = incl.)
cl_showpos # – shows position (0 = off, 1 = incl.)
host_timescale # – changes the speed of the game (1 common)

ent_fire Teams

ent_fire !picker skin # – changes the texture of the object, which you are looking at
ent_fire !picker ignite – lights the object you are looking at
ent_fire !picker enable – includes sightseeing funnels and light bridges
ent_fire !picker disable – turns off that, what have you included
ent_fire <name> – will take the specified object
ent_fire !picker open – opens things like a door
ent_fire !picker close – closes objects, which you opened
ent_fire !picker disablecollision – disables collision on an object, which you are looking at
ent_fire !picker color r/g/b – changes the color of the object, which you are looking at
ent_fire @chapter_title_text – displays for a second “chapter_title”
ent_fire @chapter_subtitle_text – displays for a second “chapter_subtitle”
ent_fire !picker addoutput “spawnflags 512” – turret, at which you look starts to shoot on cameras
ent_fire prop_portal fizzle – removes portals
ent_fire wheatley_monitor-relay_deploy_15degrees trigger – opens Wheatley monitors

the end

Friends, I translated only the commands themselves, because I decided that the rest is unnecessary. Thanks for attention!

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