Portal 2: Reporting, or “How to accelerate, using only portals”


To start, as a matter of fact, need to deal with that, what is called reporting / reporting. It's glitch, based on the use of portal pushing mechanics, in order to get extra speed.

Basic report

The basic report can be either horizontal (only requires a portalable wall / walls), and vertical (requires portalable floor and wall / walls).
How to do:

  1. Horizontal:
    1. We go / jump / fall into the portal (first place them somewhere, of course)
    2. If we enter the portal on the wall, then at the very last moment we make a jump
    3. Immediately after, how we find ourselves in another portal (or the camera will start to rotate – depending on the login method), shoot at some wall with the same color, which included


  2. Vertical
    1. Place portals on the floor (the location must have access to portalable walls)
    2. We set up our look in advance like this, so that when leaving the opposite portal, it is directed to the portalable wall
    3. We jump (or fall) to the portal
    4. As soon as the camera starts to turn, shoot at the wall with the color of that portal, into which we fell

    If you need more vertical speed:

    1. While still in the air, we put the portal previously installed on the wall back to the floor
    2. Looking forward to that moment, when we fly out of it, after which we repeat everything, starting from step 2
    3. We do it until then, until we reach the desired result


Super report

Super Report is a variant of vertical reporting. It is more efficient at the same time, faster and slightly easier to execute, however, it has much more conditions

  1. Place the first portal on the wall (must be placed close to the floor)
  2. Open the developer console and write
    cl_showpos 1
  3. We direct our gaze like this, so that the first number from the left in the graph ang: was in the area 63.00 – 63.99, also desirable, so that the second value (in the middle) was close to zero
  4. We start walking back and shoot the unused portal. Stuck? Excellent, otherwise, repeat again
  5. We place the portal in which we are stuck near ourselves, as shown in the demo (if in graph ang the second value is close to 180/-180, then you must first still turn to 180 degrees), after which we will have literally a few moments, to set the speed of spam in a different color on the walls (in order for each shot to be counted, you do not need to randomly quickly click on the mouse button, but do it with a certain frequency)


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