SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris: How to level up quickly

A small guide on how to quickly raise your GG level


Necessary things and skills for comfortable pumping


Performing network tasks. For completing one task, we will be rewarded with Fried meat with herbs. It gives us +15% to experience on 30 minutes.


The daily gift box brings us Blessing of Stasia XL


In the skill tree, we need to open Special Ability Amplifier Amplifier

The next thing we need is Combat Skill Golden Apple. Preferably pumped like in the screenshot.

Well, if you are lucky

And you got this beautiful ring from CUBE coupons, then do not hesitate and wear it while leveling ( in all other cases, it does not benefit from the word AT ALL)

There are some more things worth mentioning.

To do this, we will have to partner with Solterina because of her Anima

And in Skills of the Bow you should not open Hypervigilance

And equip in the passive skills of the main character

Levels 1-30

There is nothing useful and special here, since pumping from 1 and up to about 30 level of special work does not represent. Hit everything that moves and the main thing is not more than you in level on 10 positions.

Levels 30-50

To 30 level, I recommend saving experience boosts

1. Way

For successful pumping, we need to go through the storyline to Empire Sotercrois in Dusoldort Desert to the location indicated in the screenshot. Here the mobs will be of a suitable level for farming..

2. Way

For the most impatient and fastest. It is more complicated but more profitable.
For this method, we must have an open Vesdarat Empire by plot. After that, we need to go to Snowy Wasteland Snild namely to this place in the screenshot. Here the mobs become even fatter and tastier..

In this location, mobs spawn without long delays..

Levels 50-70

1 Option

And the most important. We need to return to North Centoria to Kirito's Tent
And change the difficulty on the table to High

After that, go back to Snowy Wasteland Snild
And start clearing the entire map from monsters to raising your level 70.

2 Option

After switching the difficulty to High, you should move to Cordea Plain
to the first pillar.

Monsters will graze a little to the left of the pillar

Levels 70-90

Return to North Centoria in Kirito's Tent and change the difficulty to Mortal Game

And again Return to the snowy wasteland Snild
And kill everything that moves and does not move.

Upon reaching 85 level it is desirable to switch to these monsters

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