SnowRunner: How to edit save files

You can edit most save files. This will allow you to add new trucks to your garage., collect bugged improvements and more.

What is necessary

All you need is simple text editor, because most save files are just json text files.
But i recommend to use notepad++ with JSON Viewer plugin. Also you need to disable steam cloud saves. Then play some time after you edited your saves. And them you can enable steam cloud and overwtite data in here from local filesВсе что вам понадобится, it is a simple text editor, since most save files – these are text json files.
But I recommend using notepad ++ for editing with JSON Viewer plugin.
Also you need to disable the cloud save service. Then play for a while after, how save changes. And only after that you can turn the cloud back on and overwrite the data in it from local files.

Your main save file

We are interested in this file
%SteamInstallFolder% userdata % userid% 1465360 remote CompleteSave.cfg This contains all save data from the first slot. Except for data on “fog of war”. I don't know how to remove / change this fog on the maps, since the data about it is stored in binary files with a format unknown to me All you need to do is find this file and open it in a text editor. When you open it you will see a long text line. Use the Format Json command from the notepad ++ plugin to convert the data to a more readable form. And after that you can edit the file. And I will show you one example. The above was an excerpt from the file, since it is quite big.

	"CompleteSave": {
		"SslType": "SaveObject",
		"SslValue": {
			"isFirstGarageDiscovered": false,
			"objectiveStates": {},
			"gameTime": -1.0,
			"persistentProfileData": {
				"refundTruckDescs": {},
				"unlockedItemNames": {
					"chevrolet_ck1500": false
				"money": 5000,
				"experience": 0,
				"trucksInWarehouse": [
						"retainedMapId": "",
						"type": "western_star_49x",
						"id": "",
						"engineDamage": 0,
						"damage": 0,
						"fuel": 2147483648.0,

I want to remove all cars from the parking lot, which i have. And all you need to do is clear the trucksInWarehouse array. This should work out for an array:


And after that we save the file. also in the persistentProfileData section you can change the amount of money, experience and many other things. Have fun.

OT testpilot24

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