SnowRunner: Attainment “There are no former farmers” (Once a Farmer always a Farmer)

A quick way to get an achievement.


Where are we going to press 500 pumpkin?
Briefly about the main:
  1. Download Map “Taimyr
  2. Get to the garden (screenshot under number 1)
  3. Crush everything you see in the garden (screenshot under number 2)
  4. Exit to the menu
  5. Start coop
  6. Repeat from item numbered 3 (7-9 time)

You are gorgeous.

In detail, with a description:
So, to get the achievement you just need to crush something 500 pumpkin. Given their infrequent appearance on maps, I myself thought to miss this achievement. but, when explored Taimyr, stumbled upon a curious farm.

All that is needed, get to this place (blue dot mark, also my current car at this location):
The garage is in the northeast (top-right) from this place.

The best way to get there is on some scout..

Actually, on arrival, such a wonderful bed will be discovered:

All that remains – drive along it and crush these wonderful pumpkins in an amount of about 60-65 pieces.

For, so that they appear again, just create a co-op session. We can keep pressing 🙂
Repeat procedure 7-9 time.

From Corvus

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