SnowRunner: How to get a powerful and passable truck at the beginning of the game

This manual is intended for those, who starts playing SnowRunner.

The basic principle of playing SnowRunner is to overcome passability tests in hard-to-reach areas, which undoubtedly brings moral satisfaction from the path traveled. This truck, namely ANK Mk38, will slightly ease the initial difficulties of the passage, but getting it is quite a challenge for novice players.


How to get a powerful and passable truck at the beginning of the game

Getting started and learning

You start the game in Michigan in a Chevrolet CK1500 – an all-wheel drive pickup in which you have to undergo training. Following the instructions of the training and upon its completion, your garage will already have 3 car, namely:
– Chevrolet CK1500 pickup with four-wheel drive;
– GMC MH9500 truck without all-wheel drive, but with a plug-in differential;
– FleetStar F-2070A truck with differential and four-wheel drive, which you will find next to the garage at the end of the tutorial.

Behind the truck

For the further receipt of ANK Mk38, we only need FleetStar F-2070A with all-wheel drive installed on it and an on-board platform, removed from the GMC MH9500 via the menu “Tuning” in the tab “Body modules”.
Do not forget to move FleetStar F-2070A to the parking lot via the Space key in the garage.

Northern port and the first contract

From the garage, through the G button, go to the world map and move to Alaska to the North Port map on which the garage is already open. We take FleetStar F-2070A out of the parking lot and leave the garage. Here you immediately need to take a contract from the company “Black Bird” for pipeline construction, which will require to deliver 2 set of spare parts for the pipeline, which blocks the further path on the road to the cherished goal.

Here you need to make a small digression and say, that Alaska differs from Michigan in, that there is snow and ice on the roads here. And since the level is still too low and you do not have access to tires with chains, then you should be extremely careful on the road and not try to accelerate strongly in order to avoid skids and collisions with obstacles, which will undoubtedly damage your truck engine / suspension / tires / gas tank / transmission.

When leaving the garage, turn left and keep to the right asphalt road. This is the shortest and easiest way to the Service Station where we will load into the back 2 spare parts kit.

Then leave and go back to the garage, but only now you need to drive straight, bypassing the garage on the right. The first obstacle in the form of a pile of snow will be ahead on the bend., mixed with mud. Turn on all-wheel drive and safely drive through it, for restocking, you can turn on a downshift and a differential. You reach the pipeline, unload the cargo and fulfill the first contract in Alaska, and together with it you open your way to the coveted truck.

After passing the pipeline, on the left you can see a dirt road, leading through the snow. You on it. This is where the challenge begins for our truck and for your hands.. Advice to immediately engage four-wheel drive and a lower gear with a differential. Try to drive along the road like this, to be closer to the trees, which, if something happens, you can catch on with a winch or through a key “F” – fast winch, or via the function menu (key “V”) mouse.

It is also worth noting, that the truck has stock road tires, which on the road and in the mud feel disgusting, but in the snow – so even more so!
The further path along this segment depends only on you., but I'll tell you right away, what the truck can handle if you choose the path correctly.
I will make a small digression specifically for this place.:

try to keep to the left, because there are trees on the rock and behind it, which you can catch with the winch and help yourself in case of slipping.

We leave the primer and turn left, slippery awaits us, but still asphalt. Go straight, ford the river and after the river also keep to the asphalt road, without turning anywhere, and soon reach the transition to the Mountain River location. Go to the location, by pressing the C key on the transition area.

Mountain river

The easiest part of the path. You have to drive on the asphalt, but on a slippery road. Do not accelerate too much, there will be several sharp turns ahead with an unenclosed precipice. On the way, you will meet a Service Station and a gas station. If you have damaged your truck, visit the Service Station and the truck will be repaired. Further along the way there will be a gas station, stop by, refuel and right before the next crossing into Pedro Bay.

Pedro Bay

You start on an asphalt road with a strong left incline, and even covered with ice. Keep Right, there you will be able to avoid sliding down, slips, damage and unnecessary work with the winch.

Cross the frozen lake to the opposite side. Do not be afraid, ice will not crack, but sometimes there will be drifts. Zava ahead. Take the dirt road on the left and until the next turn to the right. Then again turn to the right between the stones. At the next fork, take the left, slightly flooded road.

On it you will reach an asphalt road and turn left, and when you see a turn on the right, leading to oil pumps – turn. Drive through the site and see another dirt road – finishing “straight” to your goal.

After driving along the road you will find the coveted ANK Mk38 truck, which has good cross-country ability, power and has unique initial tires. But it also has several disadvantages.: small tank size – Total 200 liters, high fuel consumption, and non-removable side platform (yes-yes, it will not be possible to install other modules on it)

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