Dragon Age ™ Inquisition: Knight – wizard. Or one of the strongest classes

This guide will describe the detailed leveling and equipment of the class. Believe me, Knight – the sorcerer is not only the strongest class, but also the most interesting in terms of gameplay!



The Sorcerer Knight class begins… at the beginning. Rather, в Dragon Age Origins. There it was a very mediocre subclass with a very vague purpose., the only advantage of which was the ability to transfer a large amount of damage thanks to the ability to stretch massive armor and cut in several passives.

In DAI, this class has been completely reborn.. Now it is an extremely powerful AOE damage dealer with almost invulnerable defense, which you don't even need to think too much about – just bay, and interesting skills for close combat, making it possible to play “on the spur of the moment”. I do not know, who are the knights-sorcerers to protect – no buffs on the pati (except for the skill for concentration) I have not seen, at least in all the descriptions they say about it, but in solo on a nightmare to saw some dragon, without spending more than one potion – is it please.


When pumping this class in full force, we need 18 glasses. We will not fanatically pump out skill branches completely.
Immediately upon arrival at the shelter, I recommend running to the blacksmith and getting rid of the useless “Outbreaks” – single spell, mediocre damage, godless activation cost…

The first skill I recommend is to take “A flurry of energy” – this is one of the main skills, 12 shells for 66% from staff damage – in total 792% damage. We will further strengthen later “Irradiation”, which reduces the resistance from the elements in the amount of 24%. I do not recommend taking DLS-shnuyu ability for damage buff – even if there is only one target, a couple of shells will fly into it.

“Chain lightning” – next most important skill. Good damage over multiple hits, comfortable element and there are no restrictions on the range to the first target – comfortable OwO. Best hits two separate opponents. Later we strengthen “Arc burst”. Buff from DLS again, I do not recommend.

Then we go to the branch “The underworld” and take “Sacrifice” – in fact, explosion at a selected small radius. AOE again, good damage, burning to the heap. Spend points on amplification at your discretion.

Next in line we have a branch “Winter” – we only need “Step into the Shadow” in strengthening “Freezing gait”

So we have an excellent initial set of skills for all occasions. – everything 3 the elements are in our hands. Next, you need to develop a branch of specialization.

We take “Spirit Blade” – the last element in your pocket. After a while, you can strengthen it “Blade for protection”.

Following “Clarity in battle” – stay in battle and mana is restored as it should, not half an hour for a spell.

Further “Shadow shield” – one of the most important abilities of the branch. We just hit the enemy, and 30% damage becomes our barrier. Apply Barrier Ability to Self? Not, did not hear.

“Shadow cloak” – take only with amplification “Explosive unmasking” – 1000% damage is never superfluous 😀

“Counter attack” and “Knight Protector” optional. Yet again, take at your discretion.

Completes our pumping “Fire mine” in a branch “The underworld” and its strengthening “Blazing Ridge”. Epic damage, no more waiting for charging, and also helps to stay in battle – then, what do you need!

And finally in the branch “The storm” and “The underworld” a bunch of useful passives left. ^^


Dragon age has the best gear – this is craft. In crafting recipes, you need to look out for attack cells and especially skin, for a chance to crit and a support slot.

The most important detail is the materials touched by the shadow, ideally this is silver on 5 defense units per hit and snooper skin by 1% hp for stroke. In total, thanks to our passive, we will regenerate 30% damage to the barrier + 5 defense units from silverite + by 1% HP from snooper skin. You should end up with something like this:

Accessories should be selected for crit, attack, skill and mana regen. (Take aks of your choice)

The best element for a staff, in my opinion, is the fire. (because there are few mobs that are not susceptible to fire)

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