Northgard: Old Kraken Guide

I do not pretend to be perfect for this guide, comments from professional Norsgaard soldiers are welcome.


Soryan, I have scored on pictures so far, so you have to read the guide with your eyes, maybe I will add later.

If developed thought, that thanks to the nerf of trading posts (for which people are needed now, to trade with neutrals), It will be harder for the Kraken to get the jotun old uncle first, then they miscalculated.

We still get it in 803 (my record – August 802) year, starting to follow the lower branch.

You ask how:? Or don't you ask, if you are truhard, who ate a dog in the North Country. But if you ask, then:

– Take the runestone with obscene inscriptions as soon as possible, let the villager run his hands over them, to kick the lore
– Disassemble all radioactive spiders ruin, who boost lore.

– Lor get on the saaaam bottom branch – from the first, until the last. Change invisible tech “Inept development” on “skillful”, since “knowledge of another world” (meet the yobolds, skrillex and fiftisentami).
– From now on, if you go in plus for food and collect 4-5 tiles, you can place the first trading post.

– Before winter, be sure to put rybniki, ideally if there will be 3 buildings and more, if a 2 – then before the summer you will have to put a third food source. But if there are fishermen, it will be possible to feast even in winter (but not in a blizzard!)
– Back to lore: the third you take carpentry, fourth – trade routes.

Thereafter, by the way, you can remove your confucius from the stone away. Or, if there is no acute shortage of residents, continue hanging out there.

– gradually build up everything with fish farmers (dragging without warehouses) and trading posts. The last – 4 things will be perfect, taking into account the need of people at the post (before you could afford to slap 5-6). Not enough space? Fill with virdov “shallow water”.

– Lor further at will: can, finally, to take “sharp axes” instead of stupid (two years somehow worked with blunt axes, and nothing, anyway), and, finally, “fresh fish”.
After taking “fresh fish” all the villagers just freak out, that you could not eat rotten meat, and the fish farmers start to bring even more food with joy.

OR, you can first take tech for + money and wyrd from the coasts, and then the top two, take a look yourself.

Cho on grades?

I'm graying 1 or 2 anglers huts, papiloy HERG, scouts' shack, a couple of houses. I lower everything else to military camps.
By the way, about military camps. As soon as I bargained for their smart cousin in a hat and face painting with the Skrillexs, demolish all trading posts nhoy, except one. To this remaining add the market on the same tile. – if you grade one of them – merchants will be bonus.

Well, stick training camps on all free places., so when you take the military tech of limitless fusion… “endless tide”, you will already have the limit of the squad in 21-25 human (will not be needed anymore).

YES, by the way, all this will be fair, only if no one touched you for the soft places (except for animals or undead) up to this point. In a multiplayer game, if the snakecat clan is nearby, or any other, but headed by the evil after work batya, then everything can go in one place and you have to get out with military tech earlier.

here you go, actually. In the mind, in the middle 803 – the beginning 804 there is a team to save the world:
– muscular jotunets, valkyrie, voivode.
– 1500+ Norseguard dollars, transforming into 18+ brave warriors (with the sharpest axes).
– 500 glory, who, in a battle on a foreign territory, will make ALIEN warriors, just being alive – dead (but not really) with spears, fighting on your side. Almost like Aragorn, just don't let them go after the battle, OK.
– Accumulated wird – to the BAY territories (so as not to receive a debuff when fighting – DO NOT FORGET) and to throw the dead on the spawn of the enemy (I advise you to keep it as a last resort – or distract the enemy before entering his main, or for another player, who decided to strike an insidious blow with a potato in the back).

If a neighbor waffles, then you can come to him early, before receiving 500 glory, or jotuna, taking a man with him 10-12.

With this tactic, you can safely rise to the rank “gland”.

The clan is definitely worth its two bucks. As one famous Belethor said: someone calls this product garbage, but for me – these are treasures.

From LY

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