Evil Genius 2: “My personal museum” List of loot and its receipt

List of all loot in the game to get achievement “My personal museum”


The names of the side quests will be listed, in the order of their access by passing.
DLS mining is not specified.
Information taken from personal experience and a little from English. fan. wiki.

1 Stuffing (When the player is dumped a bunch of side quests):

“Declaration of Patriotism” – The presence of Agent X on the map and the second level of networks in the PATRIOT regions.
“Board “Heel-1” – Conditions unknown.
“In our syrups” – Availability of networks in the provinces of PATRIOT.
“Chthonic meteorite” – Availability 15 scientists.
“Blade of the past and future” – The presence of Yadernaya Olga on the map, or basic access, if you play as Emma.

2 Stuffing:

“The decisive grain of sand” – Conditions unknown.
“For freedom and justice” – Ellie Barakuda's henchmen. (Complete the quest to hire him, or take the games started)

3 Stuffing:

“Hungry heart” – Conditions unknown.
“Behind seven locks” – Conditions unknown.

“More fire” – Appears, if there is a fire at your base. Completing this quest automatically makes the quest unavailable “Heat”, which is issued for the next injection, so I advise you not to do it right away, only after completing the quest “Heat”.

4 Stuffing:

“Heat” – Conditions unknown. Not available, if the quest is completed “More fire”.
“Non-easter eggs” – Minimum availability 10 biologists and network in MOLOT
“Bone marrow” – Minimum availability 20 biologists
“A worthy teacher” – Completed quest for biologists, availability ruined on the map.
“Philosopher's Stone” – Minimum availability 15 hand-to-hand combat.
“Wonilin” – Completed first quest for Sir Daniel.
“What is my name” – On account: 300to on high difficulty, 200k at normal difficulty, 100k on low difficulty, or play for Maximilian.
“Dinner is served” – Completed Propagandist quest. Nets in the southern part of the SWORD.
“Duplicity” – Completed quest for mercenaries.
“Pharaoh crown” – Completed quest for biologists.
“Calling to the carpet” – Networks in all GORN provinces.
“An evil genius and forty robbers” – Completed first quest for Clara Jones, second quest for Symmetry, murder 40 thieves / robbers (the latter is not verified).

5 Stuffing:

“Eternal values” – Conditions unknown.
“One head is good” – Conditions unknown.
“My name is beeellion” – Conditions unknown.
“Time forward” – The presence of quantum chemists, The presence of Yadernaya Olga on the map.
“Creation of good” – Conditions unknown.
“Royal gift” – Availability 40 technicians, or if you play as Red Ivan.
“Play from the box” – Networks in all provinces of MOLOT.
“Earthly kingdom” – Hire Clara Jones as Servant.

“Alien good” – Completing all quests for Agent X, murder of Agent X.
“King Solomon Miner” – Completing all quests for Ruin, murder wrecked.

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