Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number: how to make double doors

In this tutorial, I want to show you how to make double doors correctly..


how not to do
Usually, entering the editor, an ignorant person who wants to do doubles does something like this (see the photo). He doesn't really care about that, what does it look disgusting, awful, rip out, disgusting and so on and so on. Once upon a time I only made one door instead of two, due to ignorance and inexperience. But all the same, I received my sight and learned how to do it.

how to do
In general, here the fact is that there is such a wonderful mirror button. The trick is that it kind of mirrors the doors, kind of changes the fulcrum. Here are some examples.

so how
To put double doors, you need to put an ordinary door higher or to the right, and mirrored below or to the left. Everything is simple as 2+2. But I didn't know that for about a year. 160 played enough hours and did not know. In general, it will turn out something like this

From misato

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