Far Cry 5: Hidden 52 Holland Valley quest

Manual, created for those, who wants to complete the game on 100%, but ran into a problem, that in the region of John 51 of 52 tasks completed.



If you have the same problem, then listen to me.

To begin with, we take somewhere nearby a helicopter with missiles and a machine gun, we fly to the northernmost part of the Holland Valley, to the label YES (YES).

We begin to destroy this building. You will have a story mission., which you missed.

Destroy “YES” to the end and the task will be credited to you. That's it done.

From neick

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  1. beauty man, I wanted to and I didn't find this mission. What the fuck they didn't put in the game right away.

  2. Boa! Era exatamente isso, estava com 51/52 e agora fechou! Regiao holland valley 100% feita obrigado!

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