L.A. Noire fix 60 fps using V-Patch (2021)

An easy way to make comfortable 60 fps in L.A. games. Noire


What is V-Patch?

V-Patch – this is a small patch from the community, which is made to solve common problems with the game L.A Noire. Here is a list of all the innovations:

  • Fully Unlocked FPS. Previous methods of unlocking the frame rate only allowed 60 frames per second, and if the value fell below 60, the game was running slower. The game can now run at any frame rate (60+), and the speed of the game will always be correct, even if frames are dropped. note, that your GPU driver may be limiting FPS based on the refresh rate of your monitor.
  • Corrected braking speed at high FPS. No more slipping.
  • Ultra-wide resolution support using built-in field of view correction. Now there is no need to install and use special programs.
  • Ability to set your own FOV. You can set your own angle of view in the config file.
  • Support for lower resolution 16:9. Black stripes on 16:10, 4:3 or 5:4 have been removed, the game now uses the entire screen.
  • Borderless window support. The game now launches in a borderless window by default, which makes it faster to use Alt-Tab, and also disables vertical sync.
  • Custom permission. You can choose the resolution of the game yourself in the configuration file. It is very useful, if you are trying to run the game with an unsupported resolution, eg, with screen 21: 9.

Downloading and installing the patch

Supported game builds: 2617 and 2663 (current version as of May 2021 of the year)

Installing a patch is extremely easy.

  1. Download the latest V-Patch from GitHub[github.com] or ModDB .
  2. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
  3. Drag dinput8.dll to the game folder (to the same place, where and LaNoire.exe).

Done. Run the game.

Configuration and troubleshooting

On first launch, V-Patch creates a configuration file in the L.A game folder. Noire. By default it is named lanvp.ini. Here you can enable / disable or change the above mentioned functions.

There is an explanatory comment above each option., just in case.

Known Issues

  • The car's steering is more sensitive, than usual.
  • Some menu transitions (eg, when changing costumes) fade / reappear slower.
  • The card has much lower mouse sensitivity at high frame rates.

Errors with force_resolution

When force_resolution is enabled, changing the resolution through in-game settings breaks the graphical interface. Therefore, it is recommended not to change the resolution in the game or disable force_resolution in the configuration. If you are facing such a problem, find in config file (lanvp.ini in the game folder) force_resolution parameter and change it from:




Then restart the game.

High FPS bugs

Some missions or actions cannot be completed when playing at high frame rates. If you are facing such a problem, disable FPS unlock in config file (lanvp.ini in the game folder), by changing the fps_unlock parameter from:

fps_unlock = 1


fps_unlock = 0

Then restart the game, go through the problem point and re-enable FPS unlock in config, changing the value back to 1. Remember to restart the game again.

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