Terrarium plant seeds in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

В Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Plant Seeds are Special Collectibles, thanks to which you can decorate the interior of your spaceship "Praying Mantis". After finding each new seed in the terrarium, a new plant will appear. If you collect everything 10 seed, then you will unlock the achievement "Gardener".

truth, finding them is quite difficult, as they are hidden in secluded places on a wide variety of planets. If you are having difficulty finding plant seeds, then check out our guide.



Location: Underground shelter

To grow this plant, go to the indicated location and go down to the spacious circular room, located in front of a long corridor, in which you need to run on the walls. Jump into the water and swim in a circle, until you find the vine, protruding from the reservoir and winding around the wall. Scan the object to get seeds.

Feather coat
Location: Broken Plain

You will be able to get these seeds only after gaining the skill "Double Jump" on Kashyyyk. Opening it, get to the marked area and stand in place, from where can you see 3 huts, distant. Then find a purple hue flower, growing on the edge of a cliff. Scan it.


Royal fur
Location: Weathered Monument

On the way to Eilram's tomb, you will notice a small slope, leading straight to the locked box. Several pink flowers can be found nearby.. Scan them for seeds.

Location: Wind-torn ruins

Get to the desired location, and then start looking for an area with grass and sand, located near the central building. He is at the top of the ruins. Walk up to the grass and scan it.

Location: Crash site

Reach the indicated area and move to its right side. Then sail to the island, located in the middle of the location. The plant you need is located on the edge of an island near the water..


Location: Imperial factory

Finding, in the required location, find a giant tree, standing upside down and having huge roots. Scan these roots, located at the base of the tree.

Milk grass
Location: Shadow lands

Once in the desired location, keep to the left instead, to go right. Look for a huge leaf, located near the bark of a tree and jagged stones. Scan it to get seeds.

Mushroom flower
Location: First tree

Inside the First Tree, you will encounter several spiders - this will happen after the battle with the Ninth Sister. Having dealt with the enemies, start looking for a large mushroom at the back of this location. Then scan for small mushrooms, growing next to him.


Bloody guts
Location: Swamp of Sacrifice

Having reached the desired location, start looking for yellow boulders near the water. Look straight at the cliff, located in front of you - you will notice a wall of red mushrooms. Scan the area for seed.

Location: Swamp of Sacrifice

In the same location, walk to a wide circular area. Then find red flowers, that stick out of the ground. Run closer to them, and then scan.

When plants grow

Collecting all the seeds (or some of them), return to your ship, to plant them. This process happens automatically., that is, you don't have to do anything. However, the plants themselves do not appear immediately..

A small stem will appear in the terrarium first., and then it will turn into a full-fledged plant. Unknown, exactly how long does it take. Some note, what to wait 5 hours, while others are sure, that growth depends on the number of completed tasks.


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